Cobra Speaks Out About Shooting In A New Song

Dancehall artist Ewart “Cobra” Brown who was shot by gunmen twice in May has released a new track called ‘Draw Me Out’. In the song the deejay speaks out about being shot in Portmore Jamaica and Oneil loosing his life.

The songs says: “No fool caan draw me out/ If mi neva smart and have sense dead house woulda thaw mi out/A true badmind yuh nuh see seh dutty ni–a a try tek mine/A nuh like mi caan defend it but a music mi seh over TEC-9/ Mi fans and well wishers mi all right/ But mi sorry seh Oneil lose a hard fight.”

Cobra said he released the song to let his fans know the true story of what happened. Since the incident there are many speculations as to why Cobra was shot. Some said it was as a result of a love triangle involving a female, while others said he was not paying his dues. So Cobra said he release the track to clear the air.

“Mi hear people a seh a woman argument and mi nuh know bout nutten like that. So mi nuh get inna no details, mi just seh mi nah mek dem draw mi out,” Cobra said.

“Mi do the song fi mek people know seh mi nah push no violence towards no so-called gunman. Mi a mek di law tek its course. Di world nah go change if everytime a man resort to violence. Look pon a simple car light, a dat a man did ago kill mi fa?”

Cobra is still recovering from his injuries. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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