Rohan Marley

Rohan Marley is the only one of Bob Marley sons that did not go into music. But Rohan recently made headlines when he decided to cut his dreadlocks off.

During a recent marketing seminar while doing some promotion for his Marley Coffee business, Rohan Marley took the opportunity to explain why he cut his hair.

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Rohan says he did not want everyone to have a perceived perception of him the first time they see him especially being the son of the greatest reggae artist in history.

“You know why I had to remove my locks?” Rohan said. “It’s because I did not want to walk into an environment and you have a perception of who I am, or hi irie man look at this he is Bob son… so I took my locks off and then you get to know the person, you get to know my inside.”

Rohan Marley is an entrepreneur who started Marley Coffee from scratch. He also has five kids with hip hop icon Lauryn Hill.

Watch the video below.

  • Zara british

    Sell out!!!

  • Zara british

    Dear Rohan,
    There’s no reason under the sun for your appearance to date, cutting off your dreadlocks and shaving your beard doesn’t make you a different person. This is part of the Marley trademark. I think corporate America would still accept you with or without the dreadlocks. After all, you’re selling coffee not your looks. I wish you success in your business because your kids have to eat. Meanwhile you should really marry your baby momma LAUREN HILL. Jah Bless

  • tenchu

    That’s a poor reason and it shows a surprising lack of self belief/awareness….

  • Juney

    You seem strange without your dread. I guess it will take time to get used to. I love how you seem to be so involved with your kids…

  • Carlos A Santiago

    Haile Selassie did not have dreads… Ras Tafari did not smoke marijuana… dreads and marijuana were introduced to jamaica by indians like hindus and others using the likes of bhang drinks…

  • EYEMA10

    Funny, yet he promotes coffee with the Marley name and the logo is a picture of him with dreadlocks. People should see you for who you are, in the same way I’ve lived in the UK for 20 years and not changed my Jamaican to suit….

  • HoyesMiGente

    This was uncomfortable to watch. That was clowning.

  • Chuck Kaczmarsky

    Fyah! You a bald head to conform to corporate society.