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Rohan Marley Cut His Dreads And Shave His Beard [PHOTO]

Perhaps Rohan Marley is tired of being a dreadlocks or maybe he just wanted a change.

The son of reggae legend Bob Marley, who is famous for dating Lauryn Hill, has cut his dreads off and shaved his beard.

Rohan Marley Split With Brazilian Model, “I Still Love Lauryn Hill”

Rohan Marley posted these photos on his Instagram showing him sporing a low cut under a cap.

Rohan Marley cut hair

Rohan Marley is the only Marley son that is not involved in music. He instead focus on business and is the founder of the popular Marley Coffee.

Rohan Marley cut dreads

Rohan has five kids with hip-hop icon Lauryn Hill, who is now serving time behind bars for tax fraud.

Rohan Marley and son Tulane

Rohan Marley



  1. Wow, handsome.


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  6. not sure Bob would agree. Rasta don’t cut their dreads. Look at Jr Gong….dunno about this…..Don’t think Bob would agree with the Marley Coffee either… since most Jamaicans don’t even drink coffee….just saying.

  7. rasta don’t work for no CIA. bob said don’t let dem change ya.

  8. If yuh tink life al bout money then yuh haffi REPAIR the COMPUTER inna yuh Brain.

  9. If yuh tink life al bout money then yuh haffi REPAIR the COMPUTER inna yuh Brain.

  10. Rohan Marley cut off dreadlocks? Why did he grow them in the first place? Because of his dad (Bob Marley)? So many impostors out there, it baffles me we had one in the Marley family. Fyahhhh! How yuh fi grow dem natty fi years ahn en’ up ah CRAZY BAAL HEAD? While it isn’t a must to grow the locks to be Rasta, it is a taboo to take up the Nazerite vow to eventually end it all in a Barber’s shop. ROHAN, u are a disgrace to your father’s LEGACY.

  11. Him look decent but a Marley brother without dread lol.

  12. Still looks nice 🙂

  13. man is man let live and not judge.

  14. Week hart! Strait talk

  15. never disrespect people for their changes. every one has their own path but. you never stop growing intellectually in essence, so let him be. he can only be who he is, himself, lets love him for that.