Rohan Marley Explains Why He Cut His Dreads [VIDEO]

Rohan Marley is the only one of Bob Marley sons that did not go into music. But Rohan recently made headlines when he decided to cut his dreadlocks off.

During a recent marketing seminar while doing some promotion for his Marley Coffee business, Rohan Marley took the opportunity to explain why he cut his hair.

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Rohan says he did not want everyone to have a perceived perception of him the first time they see him especially being the son of the greatest reggae artist in history.

“You know why I had to remove my locks?” Rohan said. “It’s because I did not want to walk into an environment and you have a perception of who I am, or hi irie man look at this he is Bob son… so I took my locks off and then you get to know the person, you get to know my inside.”

Rohan Marley is an entrepreneur who started Marley Coffee from scratch. He also has five kids with hip hop icon Lauryn Hill.

Watch the video below.