Bounty Killer and Beenie Man

Bounty Killer celebrated his 42nd birthday on June 12. The dancehall legend held a huge bash dubbed Hennessy Bounty Sundays at Famous Nightclub to celebrate his big day.

Killer was presented with a giant Hennessy cake. Some famous faces also helped him celebrate his birthday including his arch rival Beenie Man, Wayne Marshall, Joe Bogdanovich, Bling Dawg, and more.

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“Hennessy Bounty Sundays the last leg of the earth strong celebration AFL/ANG bless up all my twelebrities,” Bounty Killer wrote on Twitter.

Bounty Killer birthday cake

Bounty Killer was in good spirit despite getting some bad press in recent week for his bitter feud with his former protege Mavado.

  • Kirkland Jason Edwards

    So mi like to see di two a dem…

  • Burn gaza

    Big up the general bounty killer war lord! From 90s till now. Bounty killer own dancehall

    • Weedras

      Must you give him the rass key.. bout own…

    • hugo

      Rispect killer from hugo in new York stay strong mi general

  • Talk about hypocrite..

    • Kirkland Jason Edwards

      Bloodclath u is a pain in the ass ni**ah get a life, I think u r a fish!!!

      • The word fish being used too much so I’m questioning the people who often use it, rest my case there. Why Killer fans always miserable lmao.

      • 6HunnaBoyGDK