NotNice and Kartel

NotNice has produced several of Vybz Kartel’s biggest hit songs including “Benz Punany” and “Dancehall Hero.”

But in 2011 the two had a bitter fallout after Vybz Kartel suddenly send his goons to seize NotNice engineering equipments including a hard drive with most of his work.

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Speaking with Anthony Miller of ER, NotNice, real name Ainsley Morris, says he will never forgive Vybz Kartel for what he did.

“Forgive no, mi no forgive him man yo mad, because a my food that and my livelihood,” NotNice said. “No forgiveness cannot be there because there was no explanation… I was in thin air I don’t know what transpire. How should I forgive you when I give you a chance to explain yourself and you not even said anything.”

NotNice said he has since moved on from that and continue to make music. These days NotNice has been producing songs for some of the top new acts in dancehall including Alkaline, I-Octane and more.

The dancehall producer also opened up about Vybz Kartel’s conviction and subsequent life sentence.

NotNice said he was very shocked to hear the voice notes and videos that were released after the marathon murder trial.

“I was shocked because me and him being working together over the years and i’ve never seen that side of him… It’s not like I can say Kartel was a saint but some of the things were pretty shocking to me like some videos that I saw and some voice notes,” NotNice said.

NotNice also told Anthony Miller that Vybz Kartel will not be able to cope in prison given his personality.

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