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Gaza Deejay Nana Ice Says Kartel And Gaza Is In Illuminati [VIDEO]


Nana Ice illuminati tattoo

  • leah

    i knew it i just knew it

  • dancer

    Devil worshipers ha ..they like Judas better him didn’t born.nana ice will be nana boiling wata when Di fire blaze under him bombo.

  • Nikki Kartel

    there goes the haters, media and nay sayers again – remember the ball goes on both sides of the court like tennis – you better watch out cuz life is a cycle. Now that the man was conspired against and sent away for life, everyone has something to say, even people who we never even heard of are popping up their head. They are cowards, they could not talk all the time because they were not sure if Kartel would be freed! Now he got convicted, they have so much things to say right!

  • tenchu

    “Nana Ice admits that Portmore Empire was a devil worshipping group and they are all part of the Illuminati.”

    And that counts as news at Urban Islandz..stopped reading there.

  • rudebwoy

    There isnt one black man who is in the illuminati.. They are racist.. If you arent white and stinking rich then you are just a puppet.. This dude is confused, he clearly dosent know his role.. The Freemasons are a different story, anyone who is over 18 years can join ( dosent mean they will reach anywhere in life) kartel had talent so he was the perfect candidate

    • No gaza in portmore

      A monkey who talks sense your not right about freemasonry either Prince Hall freemasonry is not considered to a official freemason lodge because blacks are sub human mainly the ones in jamaica

  • paulette

    Its a and you are free to worship who u damn well please

    • No gaza in portmore

      Whatever you devil worshipping black slag your just a sub human inbreed monkey

      • pin pin

        who’s u styling blacks you whit trash lol

  • God son

    Yall stupid or wat. No man kyau sell dem blodkyatt soul. The most high alone can take a soul away when him ready Fi it. Yuh zee me?

  • Fyre Gaza

    If Kartel Ah Sell Him Soul Him Wouldn’t Be Inna Jail. Everyone Should Know Dat. If U Nah No Dat Den U Falla Fashion Monkey!! Kartel Ah Praise Jah And Jah Only.All Of Di Rumor Pon Di Man Nah RIGHT!! GAZA MI SEH STR8888888. ADDI MI DADDI

  • chrunchy tiger

    a lot of u are rite but still GOD did not man to be with another men and if some one wants to served the devil is dear problem each person would be responsible for their sins when they went to judgement day……and bigop GaZa no matter what….

  • illuminati elder

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