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The Top 5 Biggest Flops At Sting 2013

2. 2 Chainz

2 CHAINZ sting

2 Chainz was perhaps the top headliner for Sting 30, but he failed to impressed the masses miserably.

Halfway through his 25 minutes set the rapper started to complain about his time allotment, saying it was too short. But from the look on the faces of the audience, he couldn’t have left the stage any quicker.

Some hip-hop fans say 2 Chainz was out of place being a rap star, but we beg to differ. Wyclef Jean performance was one of the best on the show, and previous hardcore rap artists have graced Sting stage and done a much better job.

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  • Dancehall fan

    The only thing bad bout Kiprich is him outfit

    • Jah Tbla

      Wah gwaan wit Kippo? He looked lyk a Gorilla

  • Jah Tbla

    Shame on these losers