Tessanne Chin crying

Tessanne Chin propelled her way into The Voice finals with an amazing performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on Monday night.

The performance drew one of the loudest cheers we’ve seen from the audience and left her coach Adam Levine speechless.

NEWS: Tessanne Chin Advanced To The Voice Finals, Despite Personal Issues

Tessanne Chin is now the hot favourite to win season five of the Emmy winning talent competition.

Tessanne CHin Will and Jacquie

According to an internal poll by E News!, an overwhelming 43% of Americans viewers think Tessanne Chin will win The Voice 2013.

The Jamaican songstress is going up against Will Champlin, also from Team Adam, and Jacquie Lee from Team Christina.

Both Blake and CeeLo Green have no one left in the competition.

Do you think Tessanne Chin will win The Voice?

Your comments below.

Photo: NBC | Instagram

  • Letty Nevarez from Iowa..

    Oh! Hell yea…..I think they were all incredible, but she just blow the roof of that stage…Unbelievable… she is just unbelievable…

  • Honey

    Got to laugh at the people who just have the need to “correct spelling/grammar”. Who cares if the article has some errors, their human too & can make mistakes. And the main focus is to read/speak about Tessane Chin. So unless people ask for your “intellectual grammar opinion”, there is no need for it in the comments.

  • Nats

    I think she’s the best vocalist on the voice ever!

  • eric hansen

    You mean she will beat out Danielle Bradbery too? I didn’t know that there was going to be an all around winner for 2013?

  • Felicia

    Of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is Jamaican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty Louise Rose

    Tessanne is one of the sweetest singers I know…she also has the kindess heart. At my request she attended Mothers’ and Girls’ Day at my school and read a life changing story to my girls and their mothers. She even brought Mama Chin to demonstrate her family unity and fit in with the theme. She is so genuine and warm! Half of Tessanne is her God given talent the next half is her genuine warmth. With these combined Tessanne will win The Voice. Our 650 school population combined with the hopes and votes of all Jamaica and the global community will see to it. Go team Bread and Butter!


    Will the underdog needs to win,,, he has proven that he is a fighter ,, come on guys would you really by Tessanne music?? For me hell no, not into it.. Will is MARKETABLE….LETS VOTE FOR HIM…GO WILL

    • WillFan

      Perfectly stated!

      • Clarke Chambers

        Sorry he can’t spell small words that Tessanne learnt in kindergarten? LOL

    • Clarke Chambers

      The word is buy and not by? Anyhow are you insinuating the itune promote her song to number one without sales? Are you a Karl Rove follower that believed Obama doesn’t have the votes? LOL.

    • crissy rowe

      yes we will buy her music n yes will is a fighter but darling darling he just simply doesnt cut it. he cant sing as well as the screamer n he is simply no match 4 leader tessanne. o n she doesnt need you to buy her music cuz she has us. so ur like one drop of water in bath tub.

  • team Tessanne

    Bet you would have said the same thing about Adele if she had entered this show.smh!

  • caffora

    I really don’t care which of the deserving three win this year. My only hope is that Christina will NOT be back next year. She needs way to much attention.

    • Bobbi Chandler

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Her opinions are always halting as is she’s waiting for someone to tell her what to sayin her earpiece. And I like CeeLo as a person, I’d love to see Shakira and Usher come back. They were awesome judges!

  • Louise

    I think Tessanne Chin should win, hands down, after “Bridge Over Troubled Waters!”

  • abby elkin

    I think Jacquie Lee will win THE VOICE….Tesanne looks like the den mother of all the contestants…

    • HeyEugene

      Abby, you need some serious glasses, girl! Even if Tessanne’s looks don’t appeal to you, you are focusing on the wrong attribute anyway. This is The Voice. Tessanne’s voice is in a class by itself, something I am sure even Will Champlin would agree to. Jacquie, while very cute and admittedly a powerful singer, needs a lot of work even to qualify to be Tessanne’s backup singer. She’s loud, screechy and off-pitch much of the time. I love Will, and would be fine with him winning also, but Tessanne is clearly the best singer.

      • Clarke Chambers

        +aby elkin, You miss the point what “The Voice” is about… With folks like you Susan Boyle would have never made it to the top? You are a true sour hater and stink batty….? Now change your ways and go in peace before you have a personal disaster in your life. Selah.

      • crissy rowe

        amen to this as well and might i add im sure aby whats her name cant even sing. i know she will get a heart attack after tess wins. o wait maybe she wont bcuz she already knows tess will win hence all the hate.

      • Bobbi Chandler

        Lol, sad but true

      • crissy rowe

        AMEN TO THAT.

    • team Tessanne

      Abby your jus an ugly jealous waste of space…..ur nothing and Tessanne is everything that is good and beautiful!

  • SooSica Channel

    Tessane is the best.. my smart choice .. TBVH will and Jacquie still needs improvement.

  • antkarllo

    Yes and I hope she has a very bright future after that

  • Bobbi Chandler

    Tessanne should win hands down. She’s the whole package, voice , beauty and kindness!

  • lucki12

    bridge over trouble water:was most graceful n’flaless rendition. gud wuk tessy tessy

  • Vanessa

    I think that Tessann Chin will Win the The Voice this season! She is amazing and no matter whqt happens she will go far #TeamTessanne #TeamAdam

  • Coldfacts

    Tessanne is already the winner. The crossover Reggae songstress has been the one most responsible for the increased interest in Season 5 of The Voice. As specified previously, she has the ability to sing all the songs done by those who made it through the rounds. However, they lack her versatility, power powerful vocals and stage performance. The girl has done renditions covering Pop, Reggae, Soul and Rap. She had done songs with only a guitar and a piano as support. View the video the her performing The Prayer and it will further endorse her immense talent.

    • Rebelshen

      my my I do agree, tes is the reason for this season

  • selen006

    Tessanne’s going to win no doubt abt that her vocal capability is exceptional and she has a heart of pure gold the attributes of a star

  • Carol Allman

    You won Tessanne no question about it

    • Dag

      Well Tessanne certainly has an incredible voice. But, to be honest the last 6 all had great individual voices. This is the first season that I did not have a clear favorite. I truly love all of the ones left. Tessanne has a great talent but I dont honestly see her as a star who sells albums. If she wins I dont see her going anywhere beyond the first album. The other two left have a better shot at being a success for more than the first year. It is a tough industry.

      • Sharon Lindo

        Tessanne is very versatile. She is the shot in th arm the music industry needs. Go Tess! Them can’t stop you????

      • WillFan

        I agree. Will is the more wide ranging, with is background in guitar, banjo, piano, and writing. PLUS, he hits higher notes than the girls, which is truly amazing. He’ll go far, win or lose. Tess won’t sell albums until she learns how to sing upbeat tunes. All ballads? All Boring. Maybe she will “kick it up a notch” in the Finale.

      • Boy

        I really wouldn’t say he hits all those notes. I would run out of fingers and toes if I tried to count all the flat or sharp notes he has had this season.

      • Clarke Chambers

        Tessanne also plays guitar. It’s just that she doesn’t need it in order to show off her additional artistic side. All her chosen songs except Redemption Song didn’t require of her to use a guitar. At least she as given the others a fair chance or else she would have been miles ahead in this competition. LoL. But it’s wonderful to see a fan of another contestant checking out their competition…right? We know in your heart you love her too. So vote for her too and that can be our secret?

      • Openearja

        Tessanne sings rock, reggae, pop, you name it she has sung and can sing it. She is an amazing songwriter, too. The song selection in The Voice is primarily by the coach and the aim is to showcase the contestant’s voice and win votes. This Adam has done successfully, but Tessanne is far from merely a ballad singer. She is not just here for today. We are watching a true star being born.

      • Toni Allen

        I live in Jamaica.. Tessanne already makes and sells albums here and overseas.. It’s her “bread and butta”..

      • kidz4737 .

        Have you heard Tessane’s song hideaway? Wait have you heard any of her released songs? Guess not…..

  • Rosalie Bernard

    No one sings like Tessanne Chin. She has given a top class performance each time of asking. If she does not win, then the name of the show should be changed, because it certainly would not then, be about “The Voice”. Probably “The Coach”, or “American Voice”. Tessanne Chin is an exceptionally talented young lady and she should not be limited. Good luck to all three finalists!!!

    • Jack

      Someone aptly named it as “Mickey Mouse Show” if another minor wins it, on account of votes by young kids *lol*

  • Lazy Person 101

    No Will Is going to win because he has made the top ten twice now so when they count the total votes that will help him win.

    • WillFan

      I certainly hope so. I vote WILL!

  • EccentricMuse

    It’s Bridge Over Troubled WATER, not waters. I’m quite certain 43% of Americans don’t even watch The Voice, much less think Tessanne is going to win; although there’s a good likelihood that 43% of those who participated in the E News! poll do. (Although if it’s true, as you write, that it’s an internal poll, then perhaps you mean 43% of the E News! staff believe Tessanne will win). It’s Will ChaMplin, not Will Chaplin. Finally, “Both Blake and CeeLo Green has no one left in the competition.” should be “Neither Blake nor CeeLo Green has anyone left in the competition.” Is there even a semi-qualified copy editor on staff?

    • Amazing

      I think you should apply for the job EccentricMuse!

    • #TeamTessanneChin

      Relax I see errors everyday on NY Times and Washington Post and those folks have several editors on staff.

      Tessanne Chin will win stop hating on her because her vocals are miles ahead of all the others.

      • EccentricMuse

        My comment had nothing to do with Tessanne. Read it again.

      • Clarke Chambers

        Did you not mentioned her name. ..therefore your post is in regards to her…..right?

      • Rudey Bee

        The “Eccentric” part of your name is fitting. Now go back to your job of correcting grammatical errors.

    • Fitzroy Pearce

      Nothing grammatically wrong with the original sentence as structured. Just a matter of choice of style in the expression of a thought. Could have also stated “Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton each no longer has anyone in the competition”……still conveying the same thought as the original sentence of the writer as well as yours!

      • EccentricMuse

        No, it’s a matter of verb agreement. Both is plural, therefore the verb must be ‘have’ not ‘has’. Mistake two is that if using the construction ‘both have’, it cannot be followed by no one. “Each no longer has anyone in the competition” is grammatically correct but awkward.

      • Fifi Laphue

        You are wasted in this forum. Why not return to the Classroom to teach English Grammar? No one really cares anymore, but you might start a new trend.

    • Fifi Laphue

      Polls are indicative of the larger group. When polls were done showing Obama winning the elections, do you think they interviewed all 350 million people in America? NO.They took a representative sample (maybe no more than a couple thousand people) and predicted based on that sample. Stop sounding like you vex the girl is doing well…isn’t that the norm for any Jamaican who really gets out there and does their thing? To excel? Many of us have to leave our own country with all the naysayers to truly liberate our creative energies. Lucky she left you behind.

      Please don’t point out MY grammatical mistakes, your life seems dedicated to offering criticism and gratuitous advice. I wonder if anyone appreciates your input. From your sour, peevish tone, I believe no one really listens to your carping…

    • the truth

      Nelson Mandela was right. We can do without people like you

    • Clarke Chambers

      The poll was base on the percentage of iTunes sales and online votes? Not a Nationwide election…right?

    • Ivy Lynne

      Ummmm…like everyone in America watches the Voice….

    • Grammar Girl

      First of all, there is no “Bridge Over Troubled WaterS”; I see “Water”. I also don’t see “Both Blake and CeeLo Green HAS no one left in the competition”; I see “have”. Now, unless the writer edited this web page after your post, I would say perhaps you need some help with your grammar… and your eyesight while you’re at it. >_>

      • Openearja

        Clearly the writer made the corrections.

    • Rudey Bee

      Should be eccentricmOuse not eccentricmuse. You are waaaaaaay too smart for your own good.

  • Yardie

    Tessanne even if you don’t win your a true champ your the next big pop star out of Jamaica and the Caribbean