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Vybz Kartel Trial Pushed Back AGAIN, Date Set For December 3

Vybz Kartel will have to wait another month to begin his defense in one of his murder charge.

The former Portmore Empire head appeared in the Home Circuit Court earlier today but his trial did not get underway. Instead the deejays trial was rescheduled for December 3, after both prosecution and defense agreed that the court is too busy to take on the trial.

Vybz Kartel will go on trial for the murder of St. Catherine promoter/businessman Barrington “Bossie” Burton.

According to official police report, Burton was shot and killed last year summer in the Gregory Park area of St. Catherine, while standing on the side of the roadway with a group of friends.

Vybz Kartel is also set to go on trial for the murder of one of his alleged associate, Clive “Lizard” Williams. Detectives say they have video evidence linking Vybz Kartel to that murder.

Several of Vybz Kartel’s associates are jointly charged with the deejay including Shawn “Storm” Campbell, stylist Calvin Haye, and several others.

Vybz Kartel returns to court next month to answer to Williams’ murder charge.

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    They really trying to bury the world boss , but they can never concur him!

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    wish him a merry christmas inside Jail hummm not nice!

    boss in jail hummmm…………

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    not nice!

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    y delayin let de court give de right size to de wold boss crusify or free de teacha.

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    Free d worl boss

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    My created Trench town reggae will rule!

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    that punk need to same where he is

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