Foxy Brown Wardrobe Malfunction While Performing With Baby Cham


Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction yesterday during a performance with Baby Cham.

During her performance Foxy Brown had a hard time keeping her breasts inside her cloth.

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While many celebrities are being blamed for their own wardrobe malfunction in recent months, critics are calling this one a new low.

Foxy Brown was one of the biggest female rappers in the 1990s, but has gone silent in recent years. She has had several run ins with the law and has performed below par at a few events. Critics call this one of the lowest point in her struggling career.

Do you think Foxy Brown staged her own wardrobe malfunction?

Watch video below.


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  • Dwayne Marshall


  • Dwayne Marshall


  • Ruffstream Vybz

    seee boobs deh…. if yu waan walk round like yu a s-xy 19 yo mi nah care if di whole outfit drops on the floor accidentally… anyway, your invite to my upcoming jugglin session Foxy, saves me some dollars on entertainment chooo!

  • Erica Juslikecandie Vianen


  • Larry Welch

    she has some big milk shakes and she wears a corset and thinks they werent going to fall out come on now hope she don’t go into fashion and hope she stop rapping as well and start saying u want fris with that.

  • Larry Welch

    but I will say she is hot and have a big set of milk shakes.

  • Steady Loc

    omg! now dats unusuall.