Drake Bob Marley

Drake is no stranger to reggae and dancehall music. His music video “Find Your Love,” which was shot in Jamaica, features dancehall star and close friend Mavado as a scary villain.

The Canadian-born emcee has paid homage to the late King of Reggae, Bob Marley, on a new track called “Club Paradise.”

Mavado And Drake To Release Collaborative Album

“Well yo si the way I feel about the music it can be copied yo nuh, but… its not copy do it, its the feel yo nuh… it carry a feel, if yo ask plenty musician, dem know it but dem cyan do it… so people still searching fi dis truth here,” a Bob Marley prerecorded voice said at the end of the 40-produced track.

Drake’s sophomore album Take Care hit stores on November 15.

Listen track below.