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Drake Pays Homage To Bob Marley On “Club Paradise” [Audio]

Drake is no stranger to reggae and dancehall music. His music video “Find Your Love,” which was shot in Jamaica, features dancehall star and close friend Mavado as a scary villain.

The Canadian-born emcee has paid homage to the late King of Reggae, Bob Marley, on a new track called “Club Paradise.”

Mavado And Drake To Release Collaborative Album

“Well yo si the way I feel about the music it can be copied yo nuh, but… its not copy do it, its the feel yo nuh… it carry a feel, if yo ask plenty musician, dem know it but dem cyan do it… so people still searching fi dis truth here,” a Bob Marley prerecorded voice said at the end of the 40-produced track.

Drake’s sophomore album Take Care hit stores on November 15.

Listen track below.


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