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Mavado Among Other Celebs Weighs In On Vybz Kartel Murder Charge


The dancehall community is in shock today after Jamaican police charged ace deejay Vybz Kartel with murder and illegal possession of firearm.

The Portmore Empire boss was arrested in Kingston last Friday and undergo questioning with his lawyers before the charges was laid against him.

Several celebrities and fans have since been weighing in on the developing on Twitter and Facebook.

These were some response:

Mavado: Mi Cah Believe Dem Charge Him With Murda, How Babylon Ah Move Suh…. look nuh

Kiprich: Babylon a go hard… dem fi go look fi real criminal and lef di artist dem..

Bounty Killer: Mi nuh wish bad pon no man so mi hope dem free up di youth and nuh badda pin nutten pon him.

Popcaan: Free mi daddy

Matterhorn: Never celebrate another man downfall

Beenie Man: Zaga

More to come

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  • Barrista Coba

    free de ghetto youth.

  • Omar Payne

    cant stop laugh at beenie comment.

  • Katylyn Brocks

    gaza mi seh s8888.

  • Stephon James

    sela$$ie I live, free de getto youth, them will make u stronger, pp.

  • streetz stoppalus

    UI’m in st vincent, kartel is a major entertainer for the yutes here , almost every block name gaza but many are now bleaching n wearing very tight pants etc etc…. out of jamaica we’ve seen skits n cartoon pics making fun of the situation with many lol, lmao comments on fb….so do jamaicans actually feel sorry for him…if they don’t, should we…..I’ve done time so I wish it on no one….time will tell how this plays out ppl… patient

  • Buggy Hype


  • Erasto Wanyama

    man tings ah always gwanest if u make dem so bah don’t u worry its allabt dis fukin lyf.look pon di life we livin.