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Several dancehall deejays has been circulating the below image of Vybz Kartel on twitter.

As it appears, Vybz Kartel has become the center for comedy in dancehall with his new look. One popular dancehall deejay quoted Vybz Kartel as saying, “he is the Michael ‘Cake Soap’ Jackson of dancehall”

  • D3eeslik

    Vybz ah bleach so him ah look brown like Russian. Him try so hard fi kip di bwoy deh ina him yahd. Who ah di daddi now,Vybz or Russian?


  • Swankykris

    kartel plz try bleaching ur teeth and remove dat braces cuz it not helping

  • Bindz

    Kartel was ugly from beginning and the bleaching just make him looks 100 times worse

  • Yaady

    A bounty killer release the picture on twitter and then it went viral. A real laughing stock to r*aa$$s

  • Rastaempress21

    although mi nuh agree wid di bleaching ting ah gaza mi seh anyway

  • Marcus

    bleacha fi get bun !!!!! to rated !!!!!!

  • Marcus

    black is beautyfull and powerfull !!! why dem bwoy deh ! do dem thing deh ! bleaching !! fi look white ? like jackson ? Bomboclaattt !!!!

  • Shawhill225

    i hope you all heard expect the unexpected he does things for shock value so when yall find out that the bleecha a batty man hope yall not surprised

  • Shakira

    wat ever he look great ok


    a tink him look ugly now u see

  • Andrebeckford36

    dats gay

  • Racine

    cyah hide ugly

  • Flora

    Me no care.If he fit bleach let him man.!!!!

  • chynaaa

    waum to you bloodclart yuhh lov fi hate pon himaftaaa you auhh blazee outt dii bwoii musicc seee itt dehh eheheh