Drake Sub Kendrick Lamar’s Wife In ‘POPSTAR’ With DJ Khaled, Fans Weighs In

Fans think Drake previously mentioned Kendrick Lamar's wife in old song


Did Drake mention Kendrick Lamar’s wife in his song “POPSTAR” with DJ Khaled?

As fans continue to dissect the lyrics for the songs involved in the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef, more allegations are surfacing. The latest is a narrative that the Toronto rapper previously sent subliminal shots at K.Dot and his wife, Whitney Alford, in his 2020 song “POPSTAR,” a collaboration with DJ Khaled that was released as a pair of songs, the second one being “GREECE.”

The single “GREECE” saw Drizzy receive some criticism for seemingly biting The Weeknd’s flow. Some fans initially thought it was the XO singer on the song before realizing it was Drake.

“POPSTAR” turned out to be the bigger song of the two, perhaps because it received a music video with cameos from Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, King Bach, and Scooter Braun. However, a few lines in the song are now causing quite a stir in hip-hop, which fans say referenced Kendrick Lamar’s wife, Whitney.

“Bodyguards don’t look like Kevin Costner, you tweaking / Just pulled up to Whitney Houston, Texas for the evening,” Drizzy raps. Fans pointed out that in his Kendrick Lamar diss track “Push Ups,” Drake raps, “I be with some bodyguards like Whitney.”

On “POPSTAR,” Drake also raps in the next lines, “They tell the same story so much, they start to believe it/ The ones that start like, Drizzy’s sh*t was cool, but we even.” Again, it’s unclear what or who he is referencing, but fans think it’s coming full circle with his beef with K.Dot now reached a stage where the gloves are off.

Whitney Houston famously starred in the hit movie Body Guard with Kevin Costner, but coincidentally Kendrick Lamar’s wife also name Whitney. This could be mere wordplay, but knowing how clever Drake is with his bars in these songs, there is a hidden meaning behind them.

Breaking down the bars in the diss tracks has become a necessary part of the sport of rap beef. Aubrey takes great pleasure in leaving fans to dissect the lyrics and find the hidden meanings, so don’t expect him to clarify these bars anytime soon. On the other hand, Mr. Morale is basking in some glory this week after getting rave reviews for his 6-minute diss track “Euphoria,” in which he made some scathing remarks about the OVO Sound rapper.