Wizkid Continues To Taunt Davido With Embarrassing Video

Wizkid ignores critics and continues to go at Davido


Wizkid and Davido are nowhere near to making peace. The “Essence” singer continues to taunt his Afrobeats rival with an embarrassing video after a heated exchange on Twitter/X this week.

The true origins of the video are unknown, but it has been circulating on social media for the past few weeks. The clip was also shared by a woman who claimed she is a sidechick of the “Sensational” singer who broke up with him, which resulted in him pleading with her not to leave him.

Davido has never addressed the video or the alleged sidechick allegations. The singer and his wife Chioma are currently in Jamaica for vacation and celebrating her birthday.

In the meantime, Wizkid continues to use the video to taunt Davdio as their beef erupted online. Wiz first shared the clip on Monday, prompting a response from his rivals, and a back-and-forth ensued. He then shared the 8-second clip again on Tuesday with the caption, “Good morning. Jah bless our day. Na beg we beg.” This time, Davido did not respond to his second post. Perhaps he is busy attending to his wife on their island getaway.

Neither of the two Afrobeats stars have released diss songs, prompting fans to question the reason for resurrecting their old beef. “So Wizkid and Davdio are social media gangsters where are the diss songs and what’s the purpose of this beef all of a sudden,” one fan wrote. “We see Kendrick Lamar and Drake going at it in songs so either drop some songs or keep this foolishness off social media. This is all a gimmicks man letting us down. Let us here some songs then.”

Wizkid and Davido have been feuding for years and often clash over who the bigger artist is. Both Nigerian stars are among the biggest artists in the Afrobeats movement. As to who is the biggest of the two, the fans will decide which one.

Wizkid received some criticism earlier this week for dissing Davido and Don Jazzy, whom he called an influencer. “Don Jazzy you’re forever respected. Godfather and Legend,” popular celebrity Cubana Chief Priest wrote in response to the singer’s comment.

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