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T.I. Shared Harsh Words For Female Rapper Who Ran Up On Him To Spit Bars

"I’m helping you by telling you" - T.I.


T.I. shared some harsh words to an aspiring female rapper who ran up on him to showcase her skills in hopes of a record deal.

It’s not uncommon for aspiring rappers to want to showcase their skills to established artists in hopes of getting a big break, but one female MC might be reconsidering the tactic based on the rapper she is approaching. T.I. wasn’t too thrilled about her running up on him earlier this week and proceeded to caution her about the tactic.

“Let me tell you something: stop running up to n***as thinking they gonna change your life, man. Ain’t nobody gonna change your life but you,” Tip told the female artist who goes by the name Tropicana. She told the Atlanta rapper that she is trying to get signed to his label Grand Hustle Records.

“So you ain’t gonna change my life, big bro?” she asked, to which T.I. responded with a firm, “Hell naw! You are.”

T.I. continued, “I’m helping you by telling you, don’t look for a n***a like me to change your life when you have everything you need already. If you do what you need to do, I’ll come find you. You don’t got to come find me.”

Last year, Gucci Mane also shut down an aspiring female rapper after she approached him at an album signing event. J. Cole also shared his story about approaching Jay-Z as an aspiring rapper before eventually getting signed by the rap mogul. Big Sean also shared his story of how he tracked down Kanye West in 2005 at a radio station in Detroit, where he got the opportunity to showcase his skills. Big Sean said Kanye gave him the opportunity to rap 16 bars, and he ended up rapping for 10 minutes. The rest is history.

Nevertheless, in the age of social media, a lot of aspiring artists are getting signed after labels and A&Rs discover their profiles and get to see their skills.