Gramps Morgan Dispel Rumors Peetah Morgan Died Of Cancer

"It wasn't AIDS it wasn't none a dem something deh" - Gramps Morgan

Gramps Morgan and Peetah Morgan

Gramps Morgan has stepped forward to shed some light on his brother Peter ‘Peetah’ Morgan’s cause of death while also dispelling rumors claiming that the Morgan Heritage singer died of cancer.

While Peetah Morgan’s death came suddenly to his fans, the singer was ailing for over a month and was hospitalized, according to the Morgan family. Gramps Morgan, who spoke with Winford Williams of Onstage, declined to give the specifics of his cause of death out of respect for his widow and children.

Gramps hailed his brother as a music powerhouse in the Morgan Heritage band and said he will be truly missed.

“It’s a hard time for the music inno,” Gramps said, remembering his brother for his musical genius. “Peetah was truly… before he passed I always say this ,one of the greatest of all time, just some of the things that he was able to do vocally within reggae music and just music period, and you think of the times of us harmonizing together and looking to my right from my keyboard and knowing that will no longer happen again. Those are the things that hurt.”

Morgan Heritage
Peetah Morgan center with brothers Mojo Morgan left and Gramps Morgan right

“And those are the things that you miss,” the singer continued. “You think about from the first time I brought him to the first grade you nuh as children before music before the world know about Morgan Heritage and those times resonate in a yuh heart and in a yuh spirit and you remember everything it took for us to build the thing that they call Morgan Heritage and to know that you haffi carry that on now without him it hurt inno.”

However, Gramps shared that his brother died from a rare disease that doctors described as one in a million persons contracting.

“I mean as the family describe it and the doctor described it, he had a condition that was one in a million and if it was one in a million that’s what catch Peetah,” Gramps shared while adding that the late singer didn’t pass away from cancer. “The greatest thing is to know that he didn’t suffer. He wasn’t in no pain and it was no cancer nor any crazy fatal disease but like I say to people I reserve that right to his wife and his children.”

Gramps shared that no one expected Peetah’s illness, and he passed away within 45 days of them knowing about it.

“It wasn’t AIDS it wasn’t none a dem something deh, but it was a [diagnosis] that was very rare, one in a million like I said,” the “People Like You” singer said. “So we just pray that his soul rest in peace and him dream me already and am happy about that and him told me to go and finish the show.”

Peetah Morgan, who was the lead singer of Morgan Heritage, died on February 25, 2024, five months short of his 51st birthday.