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NBA YoungBoy Checks Finesse2Tymes For Messaging His Wife

NBA YoungBoy explodes on Finesse2Tymes for liking his wife Jazlyn's posts

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy / Never Broke Again

Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy is escalating his beef with Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes as he called him out for reaching out to his wife, Jazlyn Mychelle, via DMs.

On Thursday, YoungBoy posted a video revealing that his beef with Ricky Hampton, otherwise called Finesse2tymes, began after he reached out to his wife. On Wednesday, YoungBoy posted Finesse2tymes’ baby mother posing in bed wearing sexy lingerie. It appeared that he was shooting his shot at her while also shading Finesse, who did not have money like him.

“I got that bag [for real],” he captioned the photo of her laying seductively in bed.

Boston Richey’s girlfriend also seemingly receives an invite to his Grave Digger Mountain home. Many fans were confused about why YB was posting the women who were also in public relationships, particularly because he is married to Jazlyn Mychelle, with whom he shares two children.

However, on Thursday, YB dissed Finesse as being “botched” in reference to him having liposuction surgery, and he also revealed that their beef stems from Finesse first trying to link his wife.

“Nah you sound like a b**ch who I kicked out. I ain’t trying to hear none of that. Aye you know, you know how that sh*t turn out you p***y a** b***h. You wrote my hoe. I ain’t tell you nothing n***a. I told your hoe something, this b***h a*** n***a wana @me,” NBA YoungBoy said in a video.

YoungBoy added, “I ain’t tell your botched a** nothing when you wrote [and] play with my hoe. that’s why I wrote your b***h. Keep that thang gangster. Don’t play with my wife, [she] ain’t no b***h. [She] ain’t that bitch that you fake pimping.”

YoungBoy Never Broke Again also clarified that he was not interested in being friends with Finesse.

Finesse also reacted to NBA YoungBoy, claiming that he and his team were confused about what he was upset about. He also denied that he reached out to YB’s wife.

“Man, this young n***a mad the whole time because I his b***h pictures. This ain’t even not your b***h. So you turnt about all of your baby mamas? So you telling me homie that you ready to risk your freedom, your life about a b***h that’s gonna go whether you want her to or nah?” Finesse said in a video.

Finesse also claimed he was not offended by YB reaching out to his baby mama because he expected to collect the money she made from the men she deals with who aren’t him.

“N***as like Shugga’s posts all the time!” Finesse2Tymes said. “You don’t see me shooting at no n***a. It’s all type of NBA players, football players in Shugga’s sh*t. You don’t see me going at them n***as. You talking about ‘real gangstas.’ Real gangstas don’t cry about women, n***a! Real gangstas don’t go to war ’bout women. You just a young n***a, you don’t know no better. I’m from Memphis. We make easy money p**ping hoes, man. You don’t know nothing about this here, man.”