Kai Cenat and Adin Ross Flew To Jamaica With Rvssian For Carnival

Rvssian brought streamers Kai Cenat and Adin Ross to Jamaica

Rvssian, Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat landed in Jamaica with Rvssian and Adin Ross, and already they’re getting rowdy. If you’ve been watching Cenat’s Twitch stream over the past week, then you would’ve known that the Jamaican producer made an appearance with YG Marley.

Sources told Urban Islandz that streamer Adin Ross also landed in Jamaica with the bunch. They planned to do a Livestream together from Jamaica, with another appearance from Rvssian and possibly other local artists, but don’t expect Ross to be included. The streamers also planned to attend this weekend’s carnival road march on the island.

Kai Cenat is not Jamaican, but he acts very Jamaican because he grew up on the culture. The streamer’s mother is Trinidadian, and his father is Haitian. If you regularly watch his streams, you would’ve noticed him playing reggae and dancehall music a lot, and he often speaks in Jamaican patois.

On Friday, Rvssian shared a photo of himself about to board his private jet. “On the way [Adin Ross] [Kai Cenat],” he wrote. Cenat also shared a video of himself and his group of streamers in Jamaica after leaving the airport.

Earlier this week, Adin Ross shared on his stream that he will not be able to be on Kai’s livestream in Jamaica because he is banned from Twitch.

“So guys, I’m a little bit bummed out, and I’m bummed out because I was super excited, and we spoke about this for a while, but Kai had spoken to Twitch, and they basically said that I haven’t made a behavioral change,” he said while revealing he will not be able to go live with Cenat in Jamaica. “Like, my behavior hasn’t changed since the ban, so I cannot… I basically can’t be on Kai’s stream in Jamaica, but I’m still gonna go to Jamaica, and I think me and Kai are still gonna do something on kick. I don’t know whether we’re not or not. I don’t know whether we’re doing it or not, but me and Kai were in a group chat with Rvssian, and we were planning out stuff to do, so we have to basically figure out some new stuff to do.”

“But Twitch basically just said not even his behavior hasn’t changed and whatnot, so I get it. Look, man, it’s whatever,” he continues. “Again, bro, I just wanted to do Kanto with Kai and shit, so it’s cool. But it is what it is. We’re still gonna go out to Jamaica and do stuff, so it is what it is.”

Sources told Urban Islandz that YG Marley is also likely to join Kai Cent’s Livestream from Jamaica.