Valiant Link Up With Lil Baby’s Baby Mother Jayda Cheaves In Jamaica

Jayda Cheaves returns to Jamaica

Jayda Cheaves & Valiant

Lil Baby’s baby mother, Jayda Cheaves, was in Jamaica over the spring break weekend, turning up with her friends. The Instagram model/entrepreneur attended several local parties and linked up with dancehall star Valiant.

Her visit marks the first trip back to Jamaica for Jayda and her friends since 2021 when she and her friend Gregory Wright were arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm after police found a firearm in her luggage as she was attempting to depart the island. The Atlanta model and Wright were each slapped with a JM$800,000 fine or face twelve months in jail. They paid the fine and hastily left the island.

There was no love lost between Jayda Cheaves and Jamaica, which is the hottest destination in the world last year for tourists. She documented her visit sharing photos and clips of herself and her friends eating Juici Patties and even telling her followers that Jamaican KFC is the best KFC in the world. Wayda also attended the Strictly 2K Music Festival, an event she was booked for, and several other parties over the Easter weekend.

Jayda Cheaves in Jamaica

Dancehall artist Valiant shared a clip of himself and Jayda hanging. The singjay also shared a photo but made sure to turn off the comments to avoid any negative comments from folks on social media.

Outside of partying and eating well, Jayda visited some tourist hot spots like Dunns River Falls and Blue Hole. In the meantime, Jayda received a lot of love from her Jamaican fans, especially the females who showed her love in the comments. “I love how you interacted with everyone! Definitely a girls girl, we luu you,” one female said while another chimed in, “Jayda having a time tapping into her island gal side.”

Speaking about her legal troubles in Jamaica in 2021, Jayda said she was shaken by the ordeal but tried her best to keep her composure. “Shaking in my boots, I was so scared….it was over for me,” she said about the ordeal saying that she wanted to cry but kept her cool. “I don’t know none, I’m out of the country, I can’t just pick my phone and call [anyone]. I was like I’m done.”

“I was offering dem people everything, y’all could have my watch, y’all could have my chain, Cause I had on some bracelets and some rings, I didn’t even have on a watch and I was like y’all can have this… I was oh this bracelet is worth $10,000 just take it, just let me go, please!” she added. “but I kept my composure, I kept it cute, I wanted to cry so bad but I didn’t, I kept it cute.”