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Jayda Cheaves Details Catching Charge In Jamaica For Illegal Gun: “I was so scared”

Lil Baby Jayda Cheaves

Jayda Cheaves is finally speaking about her experience with being arrested in Jamaica back in September for illegal firearm and ammunition.

The model, who is the baby mother of Rapper Lil Baby, took to Instagram live where she responded to questions from fans about her experience. Jayda Cheaves was arrested on September 27 as she was attempting to depart the island where she had spent the previous week for her 24th birthday. While checking her bags, the two 9mm pistols and 15 rounds of ammunition carried by Jayda and her friend Greg Wright were detected, which led to them being arrested.

The Instagram model said the experience scared her. “I was at first, I was like, don’t nobody taking me to jail- ‘they gon take the guns and we gon go our way. When they put me in the back of the police car I was honestly shaking in my boots!” she said.

Jayda Cheaves added that she and her friend Greg were arrested, but they were split up as they took her to the female jail while he remained in the city. This caused her to be scared as she was alone.

“Shaking in my boots, I was so scared….it was over for me,” she said. “I don’t know none, I’m out of the country, I can’t just pick my phone and call [anyone]. I was like I’m done.”

Cheaves said she attempted to reason her way out of the situation with no success.

“I was offering dem people everything, y’all could have my watch, y’all could have my chain, Cause I had on some bracelets and some rings, I didn’t even have on a watch and I was like y’all can have this… I was oh this bracelet is worth $10,000 just take it, just let me go, please!” she said before adding, “but I kept my composure, I kept it cute, I wanted to cry so bad but I didn’t, I kept it cute.”

Jayda Gregory Wright
Jayda Cheaves & Gregory Wright

Jayda Cheaves said that the authorities had informed her that she was to attend court the next day which meant she had to miss her flight home and spend the night of September 27th in Jamaica. She added that they were told they would attend court and be released because of how backed up the court system was in Jamaica due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jayda Cheaves and Greg both pled guilty and were each fined $500,000 for illegal possession of firearm and $300,000 for illegal possession of ammunition- about US$5,400. They were allowed to leave after paying the fine.

Cheaves added that the Jamaican police kept her and her friend’s passport (because they were flight risks) but that after court when she went to pick up her passport, it was evident that Jamaicans who had custody of the passport were disappointed that they were let go.

“As soon as we walked in, she was like the system has failed us again, basically they wanted us to stay, they wanted us to stay in jail, they was mad that they let us out.”

There was much talk and disgruntlement from some sections of Jamaica, which felt that the Instagram model and YouTuber should have received similar sentences like Tommy Lee Spart, who is serving three years in prison for pleading guilty to the same offense.

However, the Jamaica Constabulary Force had sought to distinguish the case by explaining that both Jayda Cheaves and Greg Wright were licensed firearm holders in their home countries, and they can prove it.

She added that the events that took place were an innocent error in judgment.

“Honestly, I did not know that – they let us fly in, they checked our bags and everything, so I’m thinking it was good. They even checked our bags and no problems,” Jayda said before adding that Jamaica is on her vacation radar still in the future. “I’ll go back, I’ll definitely go back but just not with my Glocks,” she said, laughing.

Meanwhile, she also called out the Attorney-at-law, who represented her for keeping her money and not reimbursing her.

Attorney Martyn Thomas, who has been quoted in news reports as her Attorney and saying that her actions were an “innocent mistake,” was accused by the American celebrity of making her wire US$50,000 to cover the court fee, which turned out to only be a little over $5000.

“He only reimbursed me $4,000. He kept all that money. He never reimbursed me. I just took a big ol L,” she said.

Jayda Cheaves did not offer info on what the legal arrangement was or the fee that was agreed to be charged.