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Al B Sure Responds To 50 Cent Comment About Diddy Alleged Involvement In His illness

50 Cent questions why more people not speaking out about Diddy

50 Cent
50 Cent

Singer and songwriter Al B. Sure is letting 50 Cent know that he is not the only one who has been calling out Diddy over his shady ways over the past few decades.

Al B. Sure is the father of Quincy, also the son of Kim Porter, the late wife of Diddy. Over the years, he has alluded to his coma as a shady medical phenomenon and also claimed that there was more to Porter’s death. Many have interpreted his statements to mean that one man- Diddy was responsible. Over the weekend, the R&B singer revealed that the Al B. Sure Life Story documentary was coming, which might include some details about his claims regarding his coma and Porter’s death.

“Hold onto your britches and you’d really understand how I ended up in a coma. You’re really gonna have to call Homeland Security,” he said, seemingly taking a dig at Diddy, whose homes were raided by Homeland Security last week in an alleged sex trafficking investigation.

Speaking to TMZ, Al B. Sure also said his door was always open to his son Quincy, who was adopted by Diddy and raised by him and continued to live with him after Porter’s death.

Shortly after Al B’s big reveal, 50 Cent questioned why he had never mentioned his allegations against Diddy.

“Man Diddy got ya head cracked. Wait, I’m not gonna lie some of this sh*t funny to me. LOL WHY NOBODY SAID NOTHING ABOUT THIS FOOL BUT ME,” he wrote on Instagram.

Al B. Sure also responded to 50 Cent by clarifying that he was painted as “crazy” when he called out Diddy more than ten years ago.

“Fif you already know. Errybody talking grimy but missed the hidden July 2012 @allhiphopcom story when B reached out to all law enforcement agencies to assist and spat all this current activity verbatim, like Nostradamus then silences. N****gs called him crazy! Not so crazy after all,” he wrote in a now-deleted comment.

“@andreharrellalso asked AlB! To co exec produce the Uptown Records story and soundtrack n now he’s ghost? Ok. Happy Easter,” he wrote along with a link to the All Hip Hop story, which said he was going crazy and dissing Diddy.

In the meantime, Diddy is keeping cool as a cucumber. He was seen out and about in Miami for Spring Break weekend with his twins, whom he shared with the late Kim Porter.

He has denied the sex trafficking allegations. Although one of his employees has been arrested for alleged drug trafficking, Diddy has not been charged with any criminal offense.