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Young Thug’s Baby Mother Cleotrapa Denies Fighting Mariah The Scientist

Cleotrapa speak out after video shows Mariah The Scientist fight

Young Thug, Mariah The Scientist

One of Young Thug’s baby mothers is denying that she is the one seen in a video fighting his current girlfriend, Mariah The Scientist, at a bar lounge in Atlanta on Wednesday night.

Young Thug and Mariah have been dating for a little over a year, and they seem to be going strong despite him being locked up while on trial for racketeering in Fulton County. His relationship with the sultry singer has not been without controversy as his ex-fiance Jerrika Karlae and Mariah have had their share of friction months after he was arrested.

It seems now that another one of the rapper’s four baby mothers has an issue with Mariah. A video of Mariah tussling with another woman went viral on Thursday morning. Mariah was seen on the ground rolling and kicking at the other woman while people tried to help her up. It wasn’t clear which of the baby mothers it was, but some initial reports claimed it was rapper Cleo. However, Cleo denied she was involved in an altercation with Mariah.

The “Muggy McGuire” artist laughed at the claims on her Twitter account.

“LMFAOOOOOO yall really don’t know my résumé I will never be on camera fighting anyone! Just register that,” she wrote. She added, “I’ve worked with so many brands like stop playing with my name fr.”

In another tweet, it also seems that she and Mariah are friends, and she questioned the basis of the rumor.

“Now why tf would I swing on my fave! Y’all got 25 minutes to clean this tf up! Bunch of liars,” the tweet read.

Meanwhile, Mariah The Scientist is currently taking a break from her tour after losing her voice.

In an Instagram live earlier this week, she revealed to fans that she was hoarse and unable to perform.

“I’m not cancelling or postponing my shows because I want to. I’, f**king sick,” she said to fans as she also explained that some did not believe her and had been cussing her out for postponing some of her upcoming tour dates.

“I get it y’all mad, but they have been postponed last minute because I thought I’d be able to do them, to complete them, I thought I’d be able to show up and be back by now,” she added.