50 Cent Suggests Feds Building Case Against Diddy, Reacts To Raid

50 Cent trolls Diddy following federal agents raid

50 Cent Diddy
50 Cent, Diddy

Like all things related to Diddy, 50 Cent shared his reaction to Monday’s raid on the Bad Boy rap mogul’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles by federal agents. Fifty seemed to think that the feds had a case against Diddy, or else they wouldn’t have shown out with so much force.

While we’re still trying to piece together what is happening in Diddy’s domain, a ton of speculations surrounding sex trafficking have emerged in the media on Monday (March 25) after dozens of federal agents, led by Homeland Security, forced their way into the premises of the hip hop mogul.

Several videos surfaced online showing agents detaining Diddy’s sons, Christian and Justin Combs, and other individuals during their raid. In one clip, agents forced open a metal gate with guns drawn. It remains unclear the reason behind the raid, and Diddy nor his attorneys have yet to release a statement addressing what is shaping up to be another bombshell legal trouble for him.

50 Cent is not one to let any opportunity pass to attack or troll Diddy, and this moment presents a perfect opportunity for him to do just that. Taking a serious tone, Fif wrote in one post on Instagram, “Now it’s not Diddy do it, it’s Diddy done. They don’t come like that unless they got a case.”

In another post, the New York rapper wrote, “Sh*t just got real ?the Fed’s in all the cribs, damn they got the kids in cuffs” while promoting his spirit company.

50 Cent Instagram

Perhaps 50 Cent has a point in pointing out that the feds usually don’t show out with so much force unless there is a case or looming indictment. In the meantime, fans have been reacting, echoing some of what Fifty is saying, while others cautioned folks from rushing to judgment.

“FEDS don’t move until they pretty sure they got something!! Damn,” one person wrote. Others shared their sympathy for Diddy’s children who were caught in the middle of the raid.

“I hate the kids have to experience this, it’s actually painful to watch,” Natasha wrote. “To be so talented, wealthy, and have so many opportunities, yet experience handcuffs. Nahhh we don’t want this for any of our black sons, nephews, cousins, friends, brothers or husbands. If Diddy soul wasn’t on fire, it is now. Pray for these children well-being because they were misguided by the most influential person in their life. They didn’t deserve this.”

50 Cent and Diddy have been mortal enemies for years, but so far, it’s mostly the G-Unit rapper doing most of the trolling.