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Diddy’s Homes In Miami and LA Raided By Federal Agents, Sons Detained

Federal agents raided Diddy's homes and placed sons Christian and Justin Combs in handcuffs


American rapper and label mogul Diddy might be ready to make a comeback following a slew of sexual assault allegations, but it seems that he is the subject of a Homeland Security investigation after his homes in Miami and Los Angeles were raided on Monday afternoon.

According to several reports confirmed by TMZ and and other outlets, Los Angeles Police and other federal authorities believed to be led by Homeland Security were seen at Diddy’s Beverly Hills mansion. The celebrity gossip media outlet claims that a raid took place, which included officers on the premises questioning people at the home as well as helicopters.

There are also reports that Diddy’s $35 million Star Island home in the Miami beach area was also raided. There is no report on whether his children were at the home.

Diddy homes being raided by Federal agents March 25, 2024

The investigation into Diddy’s home comes months after several women, including his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura and other women, made serious allegations of rape, battery, sex trafficking and other crimes against him.

He was also sued by his former producer, Rodney’ Lil Rod’ Jones, for sexual harassment. Jones claimed that Diddy tried to groom him as a homosexual and may have drugged and assaulted him. He also claims that Diddy’s staff procured drugs that were used on unsuspecting women, including minors.

Jones and Diddy later settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount of money. Jones also filed another lawsuit this week against Diddy, who he accused of harassing his young daughter and his baby’s mother over the first lawsuit.

According to XXL, Jones’ latest lawsuit claims that Diddy allegedly harassed his 8-year-old daughter, her mother, and other women who were in a relationship with him.
The lawsuit claims that Diddy’s “agents” have committed the offense. Jones also reportedly filed a police report for threatening behavior after threats were made at his child.

In the meantime, law enforcement has not disclosed the reason for raiding Diddy’s home. He has not addressed the events either. Photos shared on social media also shows his sons Christian and Justin Combs in handcuffs.

Justin has been mentioned in Lil Rod’s lawsuit which claims that a shooting that took place involving a friend of Justin’s occurred at one of Diddy’s property and was not a robbery as was initially reported by TMZ. Lil Rod claims that Diddy covered up the incident.