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Meek Mill Admits He and Rick Ross Didn’t Understand The Music Business

Mill Mill claims he signed a bad record deal when he was 18 years old

Meek Mill and Rick Ross
Meek Mill, Rick Ross

Meek Mill says he’s been robbed of millions after getting a bad record deal when he was 18. On Monday, the Philadelphia rapper revealed that he and Rick Ross did not understand the music business, and it took years for him to see that he had made millions of dollars for the label.

“To all American banking … I have a history on paper of accumulating over 100m in profit with music I made with my ip [intellectual property]… I signed a bad contract when I was 18 it last til I was 32 years old … Ross did some good business with me but I want my money from banks!” he said.

The rapper added that he was hasty to sign the deal and that it was not Rick Ross’ fault.

“I was just hungry… I don’t think it was Ross fault either I don’t think none of us understood the business like we do now from 2011 … he was my power marketer I asked him to get me on tv because I knew what I could do…. He invested in my early salute!” Meek Mill.

Meek Mill X

He added that the way labels operate was to limit rappers from expanding their artistry, writing, “I rap too easy I couldn’t drop albums except every nine months signed to the major labels they was buying my time more than my music … that’s why you see content creators making more than rappers because they have no limit!”

Fans suggested that the Miami rapper Rick Ross may have known about the deal.

“Ross knew, you didn’t,” one fan commented. “He mean just him cause Ross not saying this,” another said.

Meek, however, quickly cleared up speculation that Rick Ross might have robbed him of money. “Don’t get it confused me and Ross handled the business and still getting money from every direction!” he said.