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Kodak Black Drug Possession Charge Dismissed, Lawyer Confirms

Kodak Black might be getting release from jail after his drug case was dismissed

Kodak Black

Attorney for Kodak Black, Bradford Cohen, says that the Broward Circuit Court has approved a motion to dismiss the possession of cocaine charges that the Florida rapper was facing.

Kodak Black is currently incarcerated, but his attorney is fighting to ensure that the latest drug charges do not activate a federal case to revoke his supervised release after former President Donald Trump pardoned him a few years ago.

The Pompano Beach rapper’s lawyer has been pushing back at prosecutors after the rapper was arrested on December 7, 2023, reportedly for possession of cocaine. However, Cohen revealed that the rapper was still charged despite laboratory tests showing that it was prescription oxycodone that the rapper was using for pain management.

Cohen updated fans of the rapper on Friday, revealing that the motion to dismiss was successful.

“Motion to Dismiss @kodakblack new case for possession of “cocaine” that was actually oxycodone….GRANTED. I will leave that right here,” he said.

In the motion that Cohen filed last month, he argued that the police officer Adam Stern had committed an “abuse of power” when he first arrested Kodak, whose real name is Bill Kapri.

According to him, the police officer had tested the white substance on the spot after Kodak was found sleeping behind the wheels in Plantation, Florida.

The test conducted by Stern came back positive for cocaine. However, Kodak had admitted to the officer that it was Percocet and that he had a prescription for the pills. He was nevertheless arrested and charged and has remained in custody since.

Cohen added that a laboratory test confirmed that the substance was indeed Percocet, leading to him being charged for illegal oxycodone possession.

Cohen argued in his motion to dismiss that the rapper had a valid prescription for the pills.

On Friday, he said the next step is for Kodak’s team of lawyers from Cohen & McMullen, P.A., to move to have the rapper’s bond reinstated and fight the federal case to revoke his supervised release.