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50 Cent and NYC Mayor Eric Adams Exchanged Words Over Immigrant Bill

50 Cent gets his answer from NYC Mayor Eric Adams

50 Cent, Eric Adams

50 Cent is not pleased with New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to fund a $53 million credit card program for migrants. The rapper has long expressed his disdain for the political leadership of New York City and the high taxes he is forced to pay.

It’s one of the reasons he moved from New York to Texas, but the rapper continues to be invested in the happenings of his home state. Over the weekend, the rapper chided Adams for the plan to assist migrants. New York is busting at the seams with migrants from Asia, Latin America, and South America, and many are being transported by bus from Texas and dumped into New York.

50 Cent is the latest in several people who have expressed concern over the situation.

“WTF mayor Adams call my phone, I don’t understand how this works somebody explain,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram along with a screenshot of a New York Post headline. “Can’t explain this I’m stuck maybe TRUMP is the answer.”

At a press conference on Monday, Adams, however, asked the rapper to reach out so he could share more details about the project called The Immediate Response Card initiative.

According to Adams, New York City was spending a lot of money on food and other necessities for migrants temporarily housed at hotels in New York. The credit card project will allow them to use it at bodegas and other places, cutting down the luxurious bills the city would have to pay.

“First to Fitty, I have not had one birthday that I have not played his music,” Adams reportedly said, noting that he respected the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson.

He added, “This was the smartest policy shift that we doing and a pilot project with 500 people. If this is successful, we’re gonna expand it even more so that we can bring down 20% we want to bring down and the team is doing their job. So, I told 50 Cent to hit me up, I would love to explain it to him so he can go out and do another tweet of saying, ‘You know what, Eric is just a smart manager, and now we understand why he was elected by the people of this city New York'”

50 Cent also posted an update for fans on his Instagram account, noting that he spoke to the mayor and supported his initiative. He also called out Governor Kathy Hochul for a 2.4 billion budget to be spent on migrants.

“I talk to @nycmayor Eric Adams he broke down why this pilot program was put in place. He appeared to be on point, and on top of things. Now I want to talk to @govkathyhochul about the laws preventing him from doing things to make the situation better in New York. and where the proposed 2.4 billion she’s planning on spending on migrants is coming from…NOT MY TAXES!” the rapper wrote.

50 Cent has been very vocal on social and political issues on his platform. Last month, he called out the governor of California over a proposed healthcare initiative to help immigrants in the state.