Dancehall Artist Blak Ryno Debuts Rock Song “Star Up in the Sky”

Blak Ryno returns to music with a rock single

Blak Ryno pic
Blak Ryno

Blak Ryno embraces his inner rockstar with his new song “Star Up in the Sky.” The dancehall deejay went viral earlier this month with the Rock N Ryno Challenge, where disc jockeys spin his records over rock beats.

The Rock N Ryno Challenge gave the former Portmore Empire artist a buzz on the music scene since dancehall fans started streaming his songs on various DSPs. Despite the challenge being birthed out of him flat-ironing his hair on Instagram Live, Blak Ryno embraced the buzz he received and capitalized on it with new music.

The song “Star Up In The Sky” was jointly produced by Silver Bird Records, ZJ Sparks’ Twelve 9 Record, and Get Em Franco, aka DJ Franco. The disc jockeys were instrumental in the challenge going viral. The song is about triumph after overcoming hardship and obstacles placed in your path to rise to higher heights in your endeavors, and Blak Ryno effortlessly pours his vocals over the catchy beat.

“Mi been thru different stages/ Thru different places/ Survive offa different wages/ Life is like a book it skip different pages/ Keep the rifle near cause it efficient daily/ Them say mi difficult/ Mi different maybe/ Life hard but mi still embrace it/ Right yah now mi a go thru a different crazy,” Ryno deejay.

In the meantime, dancehall fans have reacted to the single with positive feedback, and some even urged the artist to mount a comeback to music.

“Ryno this sick you could carve out an entire niche for yourself with this rock flavored dancehall music,” one fan wrote while another added, “Ryno has always been a talented artist a just true Kartel no rate him why some a unnu fans turn unnu back on him.”

Blak Ryno recently spoke about Rvssian not clearing his song on the Dutty Money Riddim and also expressed his interest in reconnecting with producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, whom he previously worked with and had a lot of chemistry in the studio.