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‘Power’ Star Michael Rainey Jr. Says He’s Still Looking For A Jamaican Wife

"Power" TV series star Michael Rainey Jr. says he still hasn't found his Jamaican wife as he looks to settle on the island

Michael Rainey Jr.

Michael Rainey Jr. is intent on moving to Jamaica for good, and he has put the word out that he is now seeking a Jamaican wife to sweeten the deal.

It was just last week that the Power star took to Instagram to share a post running up and down the coast of the Caribbean Island and announced that he has no intention of returning home. Now, less than a week after the bombshell revelation, the actor has made it known that he is in search of a woman to make his marital partner.

In a recent Instagram story shared by the TV star, he wrote, “All now me nuh find my Jamaican wife wtf.” It’s fair to say he could very well be using the term ‘wife’ loosely, as it is sometimes characterized in Jamaican culture as a serious girlfriend. However, with the actor’s admitted desire to move to Jamaica, you just never know. If he finds the right woman, he might just settle down and settle in.

via Michael Rainey Jr. IG

Michael recently shared a post on Instagram with the caption: “America na see me back. Life sweet,” he said. Of course, excited fans in Jamaica would do well to manage their expectations and consider the actor’s obligation to his critically acclaimed, award-winning TV series for which he plays the main role.

In the meantime, Michael Rainey Jr. seems to be having some fun with the concept of getting back to his roots and migrating to Jamaica. In case you did not know, the actor is of Jamaican descent through his mother, though he was born and raised in the States. Judging by his fluent Jamaican patois, he certainly grew up in a real Jamaican household in the diaspora, thanks to his mom. In any case, it sounds like the actor is willing to leave his continental life behind for the right Jamaican queen.

The question now is, would it still be considered a destination wedding if he actually makes Jamaica his new home?