‘Power’ Actor Michael Rainey Jr. Says He Is Never Leaving Jamaica

Power actor Michael Rainey Jr. says he is having too much of a good time in Jamaica so he is never leaving

50 Cent Michael Rainey jr
50 Cent, Michael Rainey Jr.

Michael Rainey Jr., aka Tariq St. Patrick, says he’s staying in Jamaica for good this time.

The Power star who is a regular visitor to the island of Jamaica, just made a heart thumping revelation that has fans of his TV show side eyeing him. In a short video posted to his Instagram feed on Thursday (Jan. 11), the actor is seen driving with his friends and having a grand time when he turns to the camera to share that he does not plan to return to the States – ever.

“Hear wah – f**k do dem bredda. Mi nah go back a foreign enuh,” he said while eating a Jamaican beef patty. In the background, his accomplice in the passenger seat can be heard ad libbing, “Wah yuh say him nah go back?”

The Power star continued: “No man. All a drive barefoot, patty inna mi hand, a gwaan easy yuh zeet.” He reiterated his sentiment in the caption of the Instagram post where he wrote, “America nah see me back (sneezing face emoji) life sweet.”

In the clip, the actor was seen driving an Audi and appeared to be heading back in, from out of town. He was clad in a white tank top and red shorts with nothing on his feet as he mentioned in the video which was the picture of a “just left the beach on the north coast” vibe. On his Instagram story, Rainey Jr. is seen switching lanes on the highway with a quickness as the other passengers touted his driving skills and cheered on his maneuvers.

The New York actor is of Jamaican descent through his mother but was raised in Staten Island from the age of one. His frequent visits to the island can likely be attributed to his maternal side of family but also his pure love and appreciation of the culture. While it remains to be seen if his announcement that he will stay in Jamaica is but a fleeting desire or a prospect that he is taking under serious consideration, it is very likely that he said it in jest.

Currently, Michael Rainey Jr. is the star of the extremely popular Power spinoff series Powerbook II: Ghost which is reportedly working on its fourth season. The show which is executive produced by 50 Cent has been nominated for several TV awards since its debut in 2020, including the NAACP Award for Outstanding Drama Series which it won in 2021.

What would become of the Starz series if its lead actor was to “Ghost” the entire production and move to Jamaica?