Nigy Boy Says He Wasn’t Feeling Rvssian’s Dutty Money Riddim

Nigy Boy says he was hesitant to record a feature on Rvssian's hot new Dutty Money Riddim before scoring a hit on the project

Nigy Boy
Nigy Boy

Dancehall’s latest sensation, Nigy Boy, says his appearance on Dutty Money Riddim was not planned, and at first, he didn’t think that the riddim would be his style.

Nigy Boy is a reggae and dancehall artiste with little acclaim, but after his song “Continent” landed on Dutty Money, the song and Nigy Boy’s career took off.

The artiste, who is blind, has sparked inspiration among many in the dancehall industry for his ability to navigate the music business despite having a disability. His song is also the No. 1 song on the iTunes reggae chart.

In an interview, the artiste revealed that he didn’t even know the riddim was released. A friend mentioned it to him, saying he wanted to release a song and hoped the producer would “authorize” it.

“I actually didn’t know the name of the riddim. I thought it was a different riddim. He pointed it out to be that Kartel is on. I said oh ok. Me knowing me, I do dancehall but I’m very particular when it comes on to beats and based on my memory of the older beat, it didn’t really click with me because I’m going off the vibe, the feeling of the beat, it sounded very plain,” Nigy Boy said.


He added, “I was talking to my uncle, and he mentioned to me, ‘You nah go pon the Rvssian riddim my lord?’ and I started really sitting down thinking about it and let me see if I can do something. Literally after that conversation, funny enough, I started seeing the songs pop up with different artists and see the bloggers posting about it…So I go through and I listened to a few of them and I said you know what let’s me try my hand at this. Let me see if I can come at this from a more unique vantage point because everything that I hear it sounds the same to me.”

Nigy Boy said he didn’t intend for a song to be released as he wanted to be sure that the producer was going to authorize the song.

In the meantime, Rvssian also spoke about the song, which is the biggest song off of the riddim. While on the Let’s Be Honest podcast, the super-producer said the video concept for the song was his idea – from the artiste’s outfit, his sunglasses along with the models and their unique outfits.

The producer revealed that as soon as he heard the song, he wanted the artiste to drop his track, and they made the video shortly after, with him providing everything and Nigy Boy leaving work to come to record the video and then going back to work.

The song was released less than two weeks ago and has 1.7 million views on YouTube.