Popcaan ‘Never Give Up’ Despite Hard Fall Learning To Skateboard

Popcaan drops some motivation while learning to skateboard


Popcaan shows grit while learning to skateboard. The dancehall veteran took a hard fall but got right back up and continued to master his newfound hobby.

The St. Thomas native shared clips of himself learning skateboarding at the park last week. The video shows the artist struggling to balance on the board and even had to be held by another man at first. Some fans immediately shared their thoughts, while some questioned why he wasn’t wearing protective gear, especially being an amateur skater.

“Don’t know is responsible for the artist, but can you have this high valued man skate boarding without Head and hand protection one fall and he hits his head and that’s it then everyone would say it’s a mistake give the artist some protection next time please,” one of the artist’s supporters wrote.

Perhaps Popcaan saw the comments from concerned fans and shared an updated video of himself wearing protective gear, including a helmet, knee pads, and gloves. For that, he received huge support from his fans.

Popcaan also took a hard fall in the first clip but got right back up and tried again before nailing it. “Never give up [crying laughing emoji] YUH KNOW NOW!” he wrote.

Sources in the Unruly camp told Urban Islandz on Monday that Popcaan is taking skateboarding seriously and has a genuine interest in learning the sport. “It started as a joke first but I can tell you Poppy genuinely love skateboarding now he is really learning fast and enjoying himself doing it, the man happy,” sources told us.

Over the years, we’ve seen rappers like Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Lupe Fiasco dabble in skateboarding, with some drawing strong criticisms from some of their peers in rap. Nevertheless, the artists continue to make skateboarding a part of their craft and, at times, even rapping about it.