Beenie Man’s Dreadlocks Roasted By Dancehall Fans

Beenie Man's iconic dreadlocks takes the spotlight despite the dancehall legend wishing his girlfriend Camille Lee a happy birthday with a sweet message

Beenie Man
Beenie Man

Dancehall artist Beenie Man’s locs became the target of jokes by dancehall fans, as some folks call for the legendary deejay to change his hairstyle following his latest video wishing his girlfriend Camille Lee a happy birthday.

The Doc popped up this week to wish Camille Lee a happy birthday but also reveal that they are celebrating their third anniversary together. The dancehall legend appeared either tired or intoxicated as he sent his feelings of love to Lee in a heartfelt Instagram video.

“Happy birthday to my incredible girlfriend who is not only my strength, but also my rock and biggest supporter. You bring so much joy and love into my life, and I’m grateful for every moment we share together. Here’s to another year of adventures, laughter, and endless love. Cheers to you, my beautiful birthday queen!” Beenie wrote on his Instagram Story.

Beenie Man Camille
Beenie Man and girlfriend Camille Lee

In another post, he wrote, “Grateful beyond words for all the heartfelt birthday wishes showered upon my amazing girlfriend. Your love and warm wishes have made her day even more special. Thank you all for making her birthday truly unforgettable!”

However, fans were more focused on his head and his hair, and some were even rude to suggest that he cut his hair because it looked like a “hat” on his head.

“Ah weh Yu get dat new hat deh Pardy @kingbeenieman Which colour dat? Mad enuh pardy,” one fan joked in the comments. Another said, “Bro take that wig off already.”

Another fan also pointed out that Beenie Man needed to come to terms with his hairline receding.

“Happy Birthday to your lady, however I beg please stop doing that hair style. We know you lost your hair. It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” the fan said. “He’s needs to fiya his hairstylist,” one person commented, while another said, “I think he might be bald and is in denial.”

Another added, “Love you…but Camille needs to encourage you to cut that hair off. It’s okay to be a bald head.”

Beenie Man has been growing his hair since the mid-1990s, but fans have rarely been able to get a full view of his hairline except for a salon routine he revealed in 2021 on his Instagram Stories.

The artiste revealed thick locks that flowed down his back to around his waist. In public, Beenie Man always keeps his hair neat and coiffed at the top. The hairstyle has also hidden his hairline, and he’s never really shown it to his fans.

Beenie Man has always proclaimed himself to be a Rastafarian, which is one of the major reasons some people of the Rastafarian way of life keep their hair untrimmed due to the Samsonite belief that hair held the man’s strength.

Beenie Man and Camille Lee’s relationship timeline

In the meantime, some messy fans also questioned Beenie Man’s three-year timeline for his relationship with Camille Lee, given that he and ex-girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson broke up in January 2021.

“Him and crystal announced their split on January 2021 and him a celebrate three years da Maths deh close,” one fan wrote.

Another said, “You and Crystal leff 2021 suh how you and Camille fi deh fi 3yrs now??? Yuh did a bun Crystal wid Camille what in the dark must come tuh light cack mouth kill cack anyway happy birthday Camille.”

“Mi G did maths nah add up. How you and Camille deh fi three years and you and Crystal left two years ago? Man out here a tell pon himself,” another said.

Beenie Man has not responded to fans.