Beenie Man Takes New Girlfriend Camille Lee To Meet His Late Mother

Beenie Camille
Beenie Man, Camille McIntosh

Beenie Man brought his new girlfriend, Camille Lee, to his late mother’s tomb.

Moses Davis, Beenie’s government name, and Camille Lee have taken their relationship to a new level after the entertainer brought his new queen to his mother’s holy shrine. The prolific deejay has long made it known that his mother was the one constant in his life. Lilieth Sewell, or Mama Lilieth, as she was affectionately called, suffered a series of strokes that left her hospitalized and bedridden in 2020. She eventually passed away in September 2020, leaving a devastated Beenie Man to pick up the pieces.

The entertainer laid his mom to rest on October 25, 2020, during the heights of the Covid-19 pandemic. The funeral, which was held in the Brompton District of St. Elizabeth, attracted scores of people who came out to celebrate the life of Mama Lilieth.

The Jamaican dancehall legend ensured his mother’s resting place was no ordinary 6feet tomb. A multi-layered mausoleum was constructed to house the body of the singer’s late mother. Beenie would go on to visit the site on numerous special occasions, such as his mother’s birthday. During these visits, fans got the opportunity to see inside the lavish tomb. Ceiling accent lights, a couch, and other decorative elements ensured visiting the area was something of an experience.

Beenie Camille Lee
Beenie Man & Camille Lee

Beenie Man and Camille have been flaunting their relationship on social media for the past few months after they made things official in November 2021. The former wife of industry strongman Cawka Lee and the one-time flame of Bounty Killer was all smiles as she got her official tour from the “Romie” singer. The clip uploaded to social media shows the two wrapping their arms around each other while Beenie captures the pink and white mausoleum in the background.

“This is moms,” he said before adjusting the camera for a clearer shot.

This is the second attempt at love for the couple who first attempted a relationship approximately 20 years ago. It seems time has now patched all bumps, and the two are now pressing forward in love, even if that means ruffling the feathers of fans and critics alike. Beenie, who was previously dating Krystal Tomlinson, the mother of his youngest, has faced the brunt of the criticism for not seeming interested in the videos shared on social media. Others have pointed out that the entertainer has never actually shared any videos or pictures about his recent relationship to his social media account.

“Regardless of the mom being dead, this was still a nice gesture as his mom meant a lot to him. Some a unno not even a meet living mada,” one person commented.