Sexyy Red Says She Will Make Kidz Bop Song After Teacher Went Viral

Sexyy Red says she will break from her usual raunchy music and release some kidz bop songs after a teacher playing "Pound Town" went viral

Sexyy Red
Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red says she’s going to make Kidz Bop songs after a teacher’s complaint about her music being requested by kids went viral.

It’s no secret that rapper Sexyy Red has a penchant for raunchy lyrics. Recently, a video went viral of a ballet teacher lamenting how “horrifying” it was when her 5-year-old students asked to hear “Pound Town” during class. In the clip, the woman says, “Your 5-year-old daughters are asking to listen to ‘Pound Town’ and ‘SkeeYee.’ Your daughters. Your 5-year-old daughters are asking, ‘Can we hear ‘Pound Town’?'”

In response, Sexyy Red took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to cosign the request. In a since-deleted post, the pregnant rapper wrote, “Gurl play pound town skeeyee & stfu.”

She followed up with a sarcastic post following the negative reaction she received from fans for gaslighting the woman in the video. “Ima make some kidz bop songs for yall fr,” she said, referencing the longtime kids’ music brand that makes more age-appropriate versions of popular music.


Since her meteoric rise to fame, Sexyy Red has faced harsh criticism and a number of accusations that her music does more harm than good. In the past, her response was equally dismissive, as she failed to acknowledge any negative influence that her sexually explicit lyrics may have. Back in September, one user on X accused the rapper of having a motive when she wrote, “Sexyy Red was really put out to misguide our blk women, and it’s working.”

Sexyy Red was again quick to disregard the notion when she replied with another sarcastic comment. “Makin y’all shake a** misguiding y’all?” the rapper questioned.

Over on Instagram, where the Shade Room posted the viral video of the teacher almost in tears as she expressed her disbelief in the young children’s musical preferences along with Sexyy Red’s response, social media users have taken to the comment section to weigh in. One fan stated that the rapper is basically raising the next generation of women and the influence is already evident. “These women are raising the next generation of u know what’s…. The proof is already beginning to manifest… but hey like momma like daughter …” they wrote.

Another bashed the rapper and agreed with the teacher, writing, “And she think it’s cute! The lady told no lies!” One fan blamed parents and not the artist arguing that it starts in the home.

“[It] all Starts with the word parents! Listen to this around your kids! I done seen some parents who let they kids sing along! People don’t wanna hear the truth! Some parents expose they kids to wayy to much to early! This younger generation of parents are Pathetic asf,” they chimed.

Meanwhile, Sexyy Red is pregnant and expecting her second child. The rapper announced the pregnancy in October after claiming she was “tired of fakin.” Now, on her first tour, Red is scheduled to wrap next week if she doesn’t add more dates.

It was Cardi B who once said it’s the parent’s responsibility to raise their own kids after she received similar criticism for her hit single “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper said at the time that she doesn’t even let her own kids listen to that type of music. Do you think Sexyy Red would agree?