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Rapper Finesse2Tymes Responds To Ex-GF Exposing He Did BBL

Rap-A-Lot rapper Finesse2Tymes confirms he did lip and not BBL disputing what his ex-girlfriend said.


Finesse2Tymes confirms he underwent Lipo after one of his ex-girlfriends outed him, suggesting he is in recovery from doing a BBL.

As you may already know, Finesse was dating three women at the same time, and two of them got pregnant, but he recently revealed that he has since parted ways with two of them and is only focused on one because he is trying to build a traditional family structure.

One of the ex-girlfriends of Finesse2Tymes has now called him out for continuing to speak on her months after they broke up. Earlier this year, the Memphis rapper revealed that he was dating three women, but it appears that the trio, who did dates and fun activities together, have parted ways albeit acrimoniously.

One of the women on Monday night called out the rapper for speaking on her and being bored while recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

“My [raindow] a$$ ex going through a mental breakdown because he’s on “downtime” from getting his bbl or Lipo or whatever you wanna call it so he is bored at home,” the woman wrote on her Instagram Stories.

She continued that that the remaining girlfriend, who is currently pregnant, is allegedly taking pills.

“I been gone from round yall for months! Why still worry bout me?? Worry about healing from the bbl you just got. I try not to do no internet sh.t cause its sooo much I can say I been trying not to say but today the day,” she wrote.

The woman’s post comes amid his revelation days ago that he doesn’t have three girlfriends anymore and instead is focusing on one.

“I don’t need 2-3 women no more, I got kids, that shyt ain’t what’s up, and nah this ain’ about no babymama shyt. All my bm’s know I take care of mine, here or not,” he said.

Last month, the rapper shared a photo of him with just two girlfriends as he eliminated one of the three. “She was tawkn to much got eliminated I told you don’t speak on what u saw,” he captioned a photo of the then remaining two girlfriends.

Finesse2Tymes has since confirmed that he did lipo and is currently focusing on getting healthy. “Lipo and BBL 2 different things,” he wrote. “When pop out they gone call me Finesse2Fine.”

In the meantime, fans also commented on the report that the rapper had some kind of fat transfer/removal surgery. “First rapper to ever get a BBL… I know Soulja gon stay quiet on this one,” one fan wrote.

Another said, “BBL is crazy. But we not gone act like rappers ain’t out here getting lipo. Cuz they DEFINITELY have been.”

“Somebody get me off the FLO pleaseeeeee He got tired of y’all calling him Auntie,” another commented.

The rapper has been noticeably absent from social media as he cleared his Instagram feed up to Monday.