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Jeezy Trends After Telling Nia Long ‘Real Ni**as Don’t Cheat’

Jeezy says real black men don't cheat and Nia Long agrees sparking a debate among fans

Jeezy Nia Long
Jeezy, Nia Long

Jeezy and Nia Long’s candid conversation continues to spark a broader conversation around love, marriage, and infidelity.

Nia Long seems to be giving insight into her decision to breakup with Celtics Basketball coach Ime Udoka, who reportedly had an affair with one of the sports staff and caused their relationship to break up.

In Nia’s interview with Jeezy, she read the celebrity basketball player for the reasons he cheated. Jeezy also agreed, leading fans to joke that Udoka might want to fight Jeezy.

“You gotta know when it’s time to be done and that’s usually not about another, an affair or some chick that’s willing to make you feel like a king because that’s when most men cheat,” Nia said.

Jeezy also said it was “fascinating,” but Nia corrects him – “It’s so gross, it’s so stupid.” Jeezy laments, “Real n***as don’t cheat,” to which Nia asks, “You really think so?”

“I kind of understand what you mean when you say that,” Long said, while Jeezy added, “There’s something in us that makes us want to be right across the board.”

Fans also reacted to the exchange between Jeezy and Nia, especially as it appears that he was putting her on game and putting down Udoka. “Elite dirty macking going on,’ one fan commented. “Ime finding Jeezy lacking after he gets done with practice,” another added. “Ime Udoka boutta stand on bidness soon,” another said.

In the meantime, Jeezy also revealed that he was sexually assaulted as a young boy, and his introduction to sex was by an older woman who violated him. While discussing a range of topics, such as his divorce from show host Jeannie Mai, the rapper also revealed that he carried a lot of trauma, which started as a child.

“I think the first was being left with a babysitter that was a woman that was older than me and her, you know, touching me and doing things to me that don’t normally happen to kids,” he began.

Jeezy added that the baby sister molested him and that introduced him to sex at a very young age. He also said that he was exposed to violence at a very young age – being in an apartment playing with his friends when the husband shot the wife four times, and he hid under a sink to save himself.

“I was desensitized,” the rapper said about the experiences.