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Gucci Mane Artist Ralo Released From Jail After 6 Years

Atlanta rapper Ralo was released from prison after serving time for drug conspiracy charges


Gucci Mane’s 1017 rapper Ralo is a free man. The artist walked from prison on Wednesday (November 8) after serving six years on charges of drug conspiracy.

Several videos were shared by the Atlanta rapper’s family members and close friends, who greeted him outside a prison before he was whisked away in a black limo. In the clip, you can see Ralo taking off the shoe he was wearing when he stepped on outside soul and putting on a new pair of designer sneakers brought for him.

The rapper was also wearing a black head covering, a pair of glasses, and a grey outfit typical in most US prisons. Ralo was greeted with a lot of hugs and celebratory words from everyone around him as he sports a bright smile, seemingly very happy to be finally home.

Ralo had been behind bars since 2018 following his arrest in April of that year. According to authorities, nearly $1 million worth of marijuana was found on a private jet he was traveling on upon landing at Atlanta’s Dekalb-Peachtree Airport. The rapper later pleaded not guilty to charges of drug trafficking and also turned down a plea deal offered that would see him serve five years if he had accepted it.

Following years of fighting for his freedom, a judge sentenced Ralo in June 2022 to serve eight years in prison for the crime. The judge credited him with 18 months of good time served, as well as four years for time already served.

Earlier this year, Ralo pushed back at allegations he snitched to get a lesser sentence.

“Even the brothers you pray with will be praying on your down fall, but I clearly can spend my money on wtf I wanna spend my money on, it’s my money,” the rapper wrote in a post he has since deleted showing him and some men kneeling and praying. “Shidd I’ll spend my last dime to get out if I had to. I know plenty people willing take ah bag right now to take these charges an pimp the feds.”

As customary with rappers getting released from prison, Ralo reveals that he will be releasing a song titled “First Day Out.” The 1017 rapper also told his fans that he would be getting right back to music.