Spice Gave Emotional Testimony At All-White Event Reveals Cancer Scare

Spice celebrates her new lease on life with an all-white event attended by fans and her Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast


Queen of Dancehall Spice gave an emotional testimony as she marks a year since her health scare that left her in a coma in the Dominican Republic.

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast hosts an all-white event in Atlanta on Thursday, where she performs and celebrates her new lease on life. Several of her celebrity friends and fans turned out to the event, including some cast from Love and Hip Hop like Shekinah, Yandy Smith, Erica Dixon, and more.

Spice, who has in the past shared with her fans on social media and Love and Hip Hop what happened to her in DR and her health struggles in the aftermath of getting numerous procedures done on her body. However, she shared a bit more details during her testimony at her event, telling her supporters that her organs were failing and that doctors had suspected she had cancer.

“I did procedures again in January and when I went back [to her doctors] the following month they told me that some of my organs were failing because of the previous surgeries,” she shared. “One thing I didn’t tell anyone, and I’m go tell you tonight, a few months I’ve been battling this secret on my own and they thought I had cancer.”

The “Romping Shop” deejay says she did a round screening for cancer, but her tests all came back negative.

“They sent me to the cancer institute,” she said. “I wanted to break the news to you guys tonight. When the doctors drew the blood and I went for my results. For the first time in my life I was crying with joy. I’m cancer free, my organs are coming back to normal.”

Spice says she was afraid of telling her loved ones about her silent health battles because she didn’t want them to worry about her, especially her children. Nevertheless, it’s good to see the dancehall veteran in better health and having the ability to celebrate her triumph.

The artist recently reveals that her health ordeal also take a mental toll on her. “I don’t know how to explain waking up every day wondering if I’m gonna survive the day, or even how it feels when someone screams my name and how that frightens me to the point where it bring me back into memories of the doctors calling out my name while I was on the breathing machine and my lungs was failing,” she said.

Much of what she went through was chronicled on this season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. However, Spice also drew some criticism for sharing too much, including some graphic images of her surgery and being on the operating table at a hospital in DR.

Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, is one of the most recognized voices in female dancehall, with a vast catalog spanning the last two decades. She also earned millions of new fans after becoming a regular cast member on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. The “Black Hypocrisy” artist is also currently working on a new album.