Shenseea and Lola Brooke Flexes In A Rolls-Royce In “Beama” Video

Shenseea and Lola Brooke "Beama" is the collab we didn't know we needed

Lola Shenseea
Lola Brooke and Shenseea

Shenseea and Lola Brooke went full gangster in “Beama” video, with the two ladies riding through the streets in the back of a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

It’s safe to say that Shenseea and Lola Brooke’s “Beama” is the unlikely collab we didn’t know we needed until we heard it. The Jamaican baddie and the Brooklyn rapper took turns taking shots at their opps over a trippy beat, with ShenYeng proclaiming herself to be the toughest Jamaican in the United States.

In the song’s intro, you will find a familiar voice, the late Louie Rankin, reciting one of his famous movie quotes. “Don’t ever bring scary business to me, you’re looking at the toughest Ras clot Jamaican in the United States of America,” he said.

“Drop Double R, f*** a Bimmer/Grass green but mi still hustle fi make it greener/More cheese pon mi bread, it look like pizza/VVS so cold, straight out of my freezer/Me nuh play, like the dealers, top shottas and squeezers,” ShenYeng deejays.

Lola Brooke drops an equally gritty verse rapping, “Never speak on business, it’s supposed to be disclosed/He gon’ get (blip)/For trolling on my post.”

Shenseea first spits the bars in a freestyle on “From The Block.” The Jamaican artist is currently readying her sophomore album, due sometime later this year or early next year. It’s unclear if this is another single off the forthcoming project. Her last update on the album over the summer suggested it was around eighty percent complete, and she recently shared a clip of herself in the studio working as she promised fans more new music is on the way.