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Tyrese Says ‘Heartless’ Ex-Wife Samantha Tried Get Back With Him

Tyrese calls his ex-wife Samantha Lee "heartless and evil" after she took accountability for her role in their bitter divorce

Samantha Gibson and Tyrese

Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson is calling out his ex-wife for putting him through the wringer and then approaching him to reconcile their relationship.

Tyrese is upset after his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Nee Gibson, seemingly hinted that she regretted her decision to divorce the singer and made the excuse that persons were in her ear persuading her to do so.

According to her, she did not get good advice from the people around her, and she “was not in any position to make that decision, I was extremely emotionally intoxicated,” noting that she didn’t have the right people to caution her and give her good advice.

Tyrese wife Samantha
Tyrese and Samantha Lee

However, Tyrese lashed out at her, calling her a “narcissist and sociopath.”

“This sh*t is about money. You’ve hired three law firms trying to f**k and s**k me dry. I’m approaching a million dollars in legal fees and we had a prenup. You already tried to ask me to come back, you already tried to reconcile, I told you I was in a relationship,” Tyrese says in a lengthy video posted on social media shortly after her interview on a podcast went viral.

Tyrese began dating influencer Zelie Timothy shortly after he and Samantha Lee separated. However, it wasn’t for want of effort that the marriage failed as Gibson begged her to reconsider her decision to leave several times publicly online. He was publicly mocked and trolled by many as he videoed himself crying over his ex-wife’s wife.

However, the singer says Samantha was “heartless and evil,” to him.

“You never considered me, your marriage and let alone your innocent one-year-old child,” Tyrese said. “She had to celebrate her second birthday apart so if you had people in your ear at the time, they must be still in your ear because you still trying to get $20,000 a month for a five-year-old, you make $160,000 a year on your own.”

“This is all a game. You’re clout chasing, playing on single mothers and their emotions, playing on the emotions of women that are actually in abusive relationships and f**ked marriages that toxic and dark,” he added.

Lee previously claimed that Tyrese locked her and their child out of the family home. Many have painted Tyrese’s reactions to the divorce as a mentally unstable person who might harm her and the child, although no evidence has been provided to support those suggestions.

Samantha has not responded to Tyrese’s comments.