65 Reggae Albums Up For Consideration At 66th Grammys

Some 65 reggae/dancehall albums were submitted for consideration as we approach nomination day for the 2024 Grammy Awards

Koffee holding her Grammys at the 2020 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles / Recording Academy

A whopping sixty-five projects have been submitted to the Grammy voting committee for consideration of Best Reggae Album at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. The event will take place in February 2024, but voting for the nominees has begun.

In a statement to Urban Islandz, the Grammys revealed that the first round of Grammy Awards voting will determine the nominees for the respective categories. Voting began on October 11 and will close on October 20.

This year’s submission list for the Best Reggae Album category is rich with Jamaican dancehall and reggae talent and includes many notable names on the list who released works over the last year. The reggae submissions include both established and upcoming artists as well as seasoned artists in the game.

Among the standout names more recognizable in the genre are Anthony B for ‘Bread & Butter’,  Blvk H3ro’sOn a Mission’ , Collie Buddz’s ‘Cali Roots Riddim 2023′ , Burning Spear’s ‘No Destroyer’ , Marcia Griffiths’s ‘Golden‘, Groundation & Brain Damage’s ‘Dreaming from an Iton Gate’ , Jah Cure’s ‘Undeniable‘, Julian Marley & Antaeus’s ‘Colors of Royal’ , Byron Messia’sNo Love’ , Johnny Osbourne’s ‘Right Right Time’ , Lee “Scratch” Perry & Bob Riddim’s ‘Destiny’ ,  Sly, Robbie & The Team Taxi’s ‘Shakespeare The Bassman’ , Richie Spice’s ‘Black Man Time’ , Sean ‘Contractor’ Edwards’s ‘Various Artists – Tropical House Cruise To Jamaica ( The Asian Edition)’ , and Zamunda’s ‘Jah Love Surround Me’ , Buju Banton’sBorn for Greatness’ among many others.

Several dancehall albums were also submitted, including Beenie Man’s latest album, ‘Simma’ , Charly Black’s ‘No Excuses’ , I-Octane’s Dancehall Gift , Byron Messia’s ‘No Love’ , Pablo YG’s ‘Bad Juvi Mixtape’ , Valiant’s ‘4.14′ , and Yaksta’s ‘22‘.

Kabaka Pyramid Grammy
Kabaka Pyramid posing with his Grammy

In a comment to Urban Islandz, producer Sean ‘Contractor’ Edwards noted that his project was created for Asian fans and built on the Tropical House Cruises releases in recent years.

“The project was meant for the Asian market where Chris Gayle is a popular sports figure. The album has been featured in many Indian mainstream publications with the Grammy winners Ms. Lauryn Hill and Morgan Heritage on the project along with grassroots reggae artists Capleton and Sizzla, we decided to enter the album for Grammy as Best Reggae Album,” he said.

The producer added that while they are hoping to win the category, it’s important to use the attention received as “a marketing tool to bring awareness to the brand and improve our sales and streams.”

Producer Rolexx, who produced “Could A Never” on Charly Black’s album, also shared that he had high hopes for the album.

“My hope for this album is that I really and genuinely want it to be a favorite in the Grammys because when you really sit and listen the songs and how relatable they are …everyone can connect with at least even one of these records,” the producer born Jeremy Waide said.

As for the creative process, the producer added that he and Charly Black “have a fire in us for great music long before we transform to artiste and producer because both of us use to be a sound system operator at the same time we both know the vibe what we were going for,” he added.

The producer continued, “I’ve been watching how people all over been loving the album, DJs been requesting and playing the songs very regularly…Charly is a very great artist and a great album and I think everyone should go out and cop it …stream it …share it … y’all won’t regret it …an like the album said ….NO EXCUSE!!!!!!!”

On Instagram, Marcia Griffiths, who recently received her Order of Jamaica ward, noted that ‘Golden‘ is her 17th studio album and that the project “shows her world-renowned talent isn’t waning at all.”

Beenie Man also reacted to him being listed for Grammy consideration, writing on Instagram, “Feeling blessed by the love for #Simma! ? Your support means the world to me. Let’s keep the vibes going strong and aim for that Grammy win! Keep streaming, buying, and vibing to #SimmaAlbum.”

In the meantime, Slingerz producer Kevin Balgobin, who appears on credits for “007” and “YM” on Valiant’s mixtape ‘4:14‘ also shared his support for the artiste and gratitude for the opportunity to work with him.

Charly Black also reacted to his album listed for Grammy consideration.

“We always give thanks for any accomplishment in music, and the fans as well as the Grammys for considering No Excuses as one of the Best Reggae Albums. It’s a blessing,” the artiste said.

Jermaine’ Crawba Genius’ Henry, who produced the album’s Intro and songs “More and More” and “Short Up Shorts,” also appealed to voting members to push ‘No Excuses‘ so it can advance to the nominee stage.

“Vote and support the album and the movement. We give thanks to the media and everybody who continues to support the album,” he said.

See the full list of albums for Grammy consideration for Best Reggae Album here:

    1. Yasus Afari – Golden Spoon Maroon
    2. Akae Beka – Glory
    3. Alborosie – Destiny
    4. Nathan Aurora – Pop Punk Goes Reggae Vol. 1
    5. Anthony B – Bread & Butter
    6. Ballyhoo – Shellshock
    7. Buju Banton – Born For Greatness
    8. Bead N Bone – Undercover
    9. Beenie Man – Simms
    10. Charly Black – No Excuses
    11. Blvk H3ro – On a Mission
    12. Brotha George – Firm And Strong
    13. Collie Buddz – Cali Roots Riddim 2023
    14. Bulby York – Time & Color
    15. Burning Spear – No Destroyer
    16. David Cairol – Vers (E)
    17. Common Kings – Celebration
    18. Hollie Cook – Happy Hour in Dub
    19. DMP – Long Way Home
    20. Corbin Dooley – Rocksteady
    21. 21 Earthkry – Dandy Shandy
    22. Easy Star All-Stars – Ziggy Stardub
    23. The Expendables – Pleasure Point
    24. Marcus Gad – Ready For Battle
    25. Gentleman – Mad World
    26. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Love In Time
    27. Green Lion Crew – Riddim full of Culture
    28. Marcia Griffiths – Golden
    29. Groundation & Brain Damage – Dreaming from an Iron Gate
    30. Cas Haley – Boots Rock Reggae, Vol. 1
    31. Hempress Sativa – Charka
    32. Honorebel – 444
    33. I-Octane – Dancehall Gift
    34. Jah Cure – Undeniable
    35. Jahmali – Pleasant Place
    36. Jonfx – Vintage Reggae
    37. Aza Lineage – Kingston to call
    38. Long Beach Dub Allstars – Echo Mountain High
    39. Julian Marley & Antaeus – Colors of Royal
    40. Mc Norman – Twelve
    41. Byron Messia – No Love
    42. MISTA Savona & Gaudi – Havana meets Kingston in dub
    43. Norrac – New Born
    44. Johnny Osbourne – Right Right Time
    45. Pablo YG – Bad Juvi Mixtape
    46. Perfect Giddimani – Ah Mi Yard
    47. Lee “Scratch” Perry & Bob Riddim – Destiny
    48. Mykal Rose – I Give You Love
    49. Aleighcia Scott & Rorystonelove – Windrush Baby
    50. Shavarr – Roots
    51. Shevvy – Rude Gyalaxy
    52. Sly Robbie & The Team Taxi – Shakespeare The Bassman
    53. Richie Spice – Black Man Time
    54. Sundub – Spirits Eat Music
    55. Chris Thomas The Ceo – Power
    56. Jah Thomas – Clarks A Clarks
    57. Valiant – 4.14
    58. Various Artists – Jamaica Festival Song 2023 competition
    59. Various Artists – Legends Of Jamaica, Vol. 1 A Tribute To Ska
    60. Various Artists – 1 Rifle Riddim
    61. Various Artists – Tropical House Cruise To Jamaica ( The Asian Edition)
    62. Various Artists – We Remember Bob Andy
    63. Clint Warren – Pacific Coast Reggae
    64. Yaksta – 22
    65. Zamunda – Jah Love Surround Me