Fridayy x Byron Messia ‘Mercy’ and 10 More Hot New Dancehall Songs

Artists like Byron Messia, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Bugle, Spragga Benz, Chronic Law, Pablo YG, Nation Boss delivered hot new dancehall music this week

Fridayy Byron Messia
Fridayy, Byron Messia

The fourth quarter of the year is shaping up to be a busy season on the music airwaves. Not only are artists dropping more new music, but fans can also expect more projects to be released leading up to the Christmas holiday festive season.

This weekend (October 14) alone ‘we saw artists dropping a ton of new music, including new tracks from Byron Messia, Valiant, Pablo YG, Bounty Killer, General B, Bugle, Spragga Benz, Vybz Kartel, 10Tik, Chronic Law, Nation Boss, Demarco, Nhance, and more, giving fans a mixture of sounds from the new generation and the veterans.

Dancehall has always been a very active genre with a constant supply of new music, but this year, we see a lot of the veterans from the 90s and early 2000s golden era stepping back into the booth to record new music.

Check out some of the hottest new songs in dancehall this weekend below.

1. Fridayy feat. Byron Messia “Mercy”

American-Haitian singer/rapper Fridayy links up with Jamaican-Kittitians Byron Messia on a new crossover collab, “Mercy.” The inspirational yet gritty single was co-produced by Fridayy, Bizness Boi, Fortune, and KVRIM, while the music video was directed by famed director Benny Boom. The clip starts with the singer sitting alone in church, contemplating life while delivering the song’s intro.

“If I say I got it all together, just know I’m lying/ I’m from a place we don’t make it out/ Too many niggas dyin’,” Fridayy sings. Byron Messia delivered a gritty verse in his signature flow, “Have mercy pon me/ When mi touch e road just fi kill di enemies/ ‘Cause mi have dat cold Fahrenheit, Celsius b?low ten degrees/ Best b?lieve, sixteen released, a kill bwoy.”

2. Vybz Kartel – Victorious

It’s still amazing how Vybz Kartel remained more relevant in the music space despite being incarcerated for the past decade. The deejay is even more relevant than a lot of artists who have their freedom. It remains a mystery how he managed to record so many songs in prison. His new song “Victorious” saw Vybz Kartel connecting with T100 Records, with Romaine Visuals handling the music video. The 3-minute cut saw two women competing in a boxing match in a makeshift boxing ring in the ghetto as some onlookers make their bets on who would win.

“Tell dem Turbo, yow a money pon me mind get the dough now/ Focus in a the street cuz a YOLO/ So no gal pu*** cyan mek mi clown out/ And we nah be no fish fi a drown out,” Kartel deejays.

3. Bounty Killer – WARNING

Bounty Killer sends a warning to the youths to stay away from trouble and crime. The dancehall legend recently dropped a joint EP with Baby Cham, Time Bomb, with legendary producer Dave Kelly executive producing the project. Despite being locked in with the Madhouse Production producer, Bounty Killer found time out to record music with other notable producers. For his new track, “WARNING,” he connects with TP Records.

“Cyan make them hate yuh in a yuh communty/ Them will shub yuh out quick so yuh better promote peace/ Things you say you lack, You got all the straps/ More time yuh fi go chill and kick it back,” Killer deejays.

4. General B – Nuh Fren

General B addresses his falling out with Harry Toddler and other friends in his community in his new song “Nuh Fren.” The veteran dancehall artist dropped a music video to chronicle his problems with his former friends following an attack on his life at Boom Box Fridays.

“Badmind yuh fi yuh garments even yuh logo/ Waan kill me fi mi straight jeans and me polo/ Dem bwoy deh wid them badmind syndrome,” General B deejays.

5. Bugle, Spragga Benz – Hypocrite Love

Dancehall veterans Bugle and Spragga Benz team up on “Hypocrite Love,” a powerful anti-hater anthem. The music video saw Bugle picking Spragga Benz in his infamous black Bimmer. “Sorry fi maga dog and him bite yuh/ True yuh feed him yuh check say him love yuh him not even like yuh/ And always the ones wid the most mange a bright up/ We know we know who they are (we see them from a far),” Bugle sings.

6. Nhance and Demarco – Changes

Demarco connects with young dancehall singer Nhance on “Changes,” a production by NSG Music Group, 9 Mile Records, and Tego Boss. The artists delivered an accompanying music video with the motivational anthem.

“Me boss up and put the crown pon mi head and push the crown in a the street/ Memba the pu*** dem use to frowns pon the G/ Straight pon the top a pon the cloud me a reach/ Blast off pon the toll road we a speed,” Demarco sings.

7. Nation Boss and Geo Lyrical – When

Nation Boss dropped another anti-friendship single, “When,” in which he calls on Geo Lyrical for some vocals. The track was produced by Collect Di Bread Entertainment, while the music video was directed by Crane Motion Media.

“Me see everybody switch up me nuh know who with me/ Likkle money mek dem yutes yah change up pon me quickly/ Bashy me don’t even waan no friends in a this music business/ Energy them couldn’t bridge/ Still a feel mi granny spirit/ Real life this me G this a no Disney,” Nation Boss singer.

8. Chronic Law – Stop Lie

Chronic Law connects with Natty Gargo Records for his new single “Stop Lie.” The St. Thomas native showcases his lyrical prowess on the gyallis anthem over a trippy beat.

“She get it raw but a neva the pack a wrizla yow/ Mi mek she pop like ribbon/ Broad thickaz wid her pu*** fat like spinnaz/ She a get the ticky not Nike slippaz/ Them a clown dawg dem nav nuh style pon mission/ We full a gal a road how so much deh round dem like dem deh pan rim,” Chronic Law deejays.

9. Pablo YG – Pain Ina Melody

Dancehall new Gen artist Pablo YG has been steadily making a name for himself in the Jamaican popular music space. “Pain Ina Melody” is his new single produced by Poppinzrecords. “Turn pain in a melody. still a remember the same old memories/ Still a get rich through fame and jealousy/ A we greatness we use kill the pu*** dem/ Yow Poppinz mi life is a movie/ A fight man fight and tell God do the rest,” Pablo deejays.

10. 10Tik – Monster

10Tik drops “Monster,” a track some fans believed to be a Popcaan diss track. The dancehall deejay and Popcaan have been having issues in the past few weeks, but it appears one-sided since the Unruly Boss ignored the melon insults. The dark and gritty track was produced by 1Uptown Music.

“Pure sacrifice fi mi gun a baptize/ Swear pon me life never run from no guys/ If a war then a war dog, put the gas in a the car/ We a no the same mi a monster, call up the spirit and mi swear them a answer,” 10Tik deejays

11. The 9ine x Rubi Rose – Obsessed With Me

The 9ine and Rubi Rose’s “Obsessed With Me” is the collab we never knew we needed. Although the song and music video arrived as soon as the fall started, it gave a pure summer vibe. The track is a brainchild of Rvssian, who flew to Jamaica recently with Rubi Rose to shoot the video.

“Gal me wi breed yuh mi no three care/ She tell me fi do it just like Nike air,” The 9ine sings while Rose chimed in, “Put it in park hit it from the rear/ Make it go fast baby change gear.”