Alkaline Delivers Two New Songs For The Ladies “Iz You” & “First Touch”

Alkaline returns with two new songs


Alkaline debuts two new singles for the Vendetta ladies, “Iz You” and “First Touch.”

The Kingston native’s own label, Autobamb Records, handled both productions, with Sart Out Records contributing to “Iz You” and Troyton Rami Production contributing to “First Touch.” The tracks saw Alkaline showcasing his vocals over a trippy beat in line with most of his recent releases this year.

“Me nah go out a miself and me nah go quit/Make me know baby girl when we ago link, Iz You ah Iz You ah,” Alka sings.

The two singles follow the release of Alkaline’s “Mad Luv” music video, which has been getting rave reviews from fans. That single is also a production of Autobamb Records, a clear sign that the deejay is keeping total control over his music and shaping his new sound.

The Detta clan leader has been steadily releasing a stream of new music this year, showcasing his versatility and lyrical prowess over various types of dancehall and trap-influenced beats. Without a doubt, Alkaline has been one of the top dancehall artists of the current generation and of the past decade. His meteoric rise in Jamaica’s popular music space earned him a cult-like following among fans as well as his fair share of haters.

These days Alkaline is primarily based in Florida, but his presence on the airwaves in Jamaica has not waned.

Alkaline’s sister, Kereena Beckford, who manages the artist’s career and business dealings, told Urban Islandz that she recently became a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy. She told us that she is thrilled to exercise her vote and contribution to the music industry and takes her role seriously.

“Making a difference [means]. being on a platform that can help expand the music and culture and being a voice for the Caribbean region and contributing or even more representation for Jamaica dancehall and reggae music brand,” Beckford said.

Listen to “Iz You” and “First Touch” below