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Chrisean Rock Shares Update On Her Son’s Health Following Surgery

Chrisean Rock shares a video of hers and Blueface's son and confirmed the baby underwent hernia surgery

Chrisean Rock
Chrisean Rock

“Crazy In Love” reality star Chrisean Rock has shared an update on her son days after he had surgery to repair his hernia.

The music hopeful and reality star received heavy criticism weeks ago after her baby’s father, Blueface, aired her out for not prioritizing the child’s wellbeing. According to the Los Angeles rapper, the child was born with a massive hernia that was inside of his testicles, and his penis was not outside as is normal for male babies.

Blueface also shared a photo of the child on Twitter, sparking backlash. However, many were concerned after Blueface said that the child was scheduled for surgery, but Rock had put off the surgery five (5) times and was in Los Angeles when she should have been in Baltimore to ensure the baby was attended to.

Rock was emotional and upset that Blueface posted the photo, but she revealed in an Instagram live recently that her son was scheduled to have surgery this week. She has been a bit distant on social in the past few days but updated fans on Friday that her son was doing well.

In a post shared to her Instagram account, she is seen holding up the baby and commenting on his healing.

“Papa you so handsome @chriseanmalone.jr you recovering so fast,” she wrote. The baby is just about a month old and is seen standing while she holds him up. He does not appear to be in pain or discomfort, although some fans expressed concern that the child should be lying down if he just had surgery on his groin/tummy. “We woke up amen,” she captioned another photo of the child.

In recent posts, Chrisean Rock updated fans that the baby turned one month old three days ago. Rock appears to be making moves as she posted updates on her Instagram story that she was in New York making new music.

Blueface has not reacted to the new update shared by Chrisean Rock, and it’s unclear if he has seen his baby in person since the surgery. The “Thotiana” rapper claimed his phone got lost a day before the photo was shared on his Twitter feed. That claim came after fans criticized him for his actions.