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YNW Melly’s Attorney Motion For Judge To Dismiss Murder Case

YNW Melly's attorney files motion asking judge to dismiss entire murder case ahead of second trial. The attorney also questions new witnesses introduced by prosecutors.

YNW Melly
YNW Melly in court June 20, 2023

Rapper YNW Melly’s legal team has filed several motions that seek to block the prosecution from bringing any witness to show that the rapper had a dispute over money with the murder victims that could show his motive for killing them.

YNW Melly’s second trial is set for October 9, and his attorney has been busy ensuring that the state’s second go does not introduce new evidence not introduced at his first trial.

According to court documents shared by journalist Bryson Paul, Jamie Benjamin has filed two motions asking the court to block the state from bringing witnesses to talk about monies owed to Anthony ‘Sakchaser’ Williams, which can prove motive, and he has also filed a motion to dismiss the entire case with prejudice.

According to the motion, Benjamin wrote that the defense believed that the state would argue and attempt to present witnesses that there was an agreement between Melly and Sakchaser to share or split all of the money that Melly made from his musical pursuits.

The motion said that unless the state can produce a contract between the men or some evidence of oral agreement, any evidence or testimony would be “pure hearsay and conjecture.”

The motion to dismiss also brings up Detective Mark Moretti’s testimony in the case and mentions that he executed a warrant to Melly’s mother, Jamie King, and confiscated her phone with “excessive force illegally outside his jurisdiction.” He was not forthcoming about the seizure, and the motion claims he lied about how he acquired the phone.

The phone in question reveals many texts and videos that the state has used to map its case, including a message on Snapchat where Melly supposedly confessed that he killed his friends after news of the alleged drive-by shooting went viral.

The motion to dismiss the case based on government and prosecutorial misconduct brought up Detective Moretti’s actions and notes, “his credibility is not only germane to this case, but has a direct bearing on the outcoming of the case.”

The motion also mentions that several Brady requests the defense made to the prosecution. The prosecution has been non-compliant, something that the motion says affects Melly’s right to a fair trial.

In the meantime, just after the defense filed its motions, the prosecution seemingly responded to the motion highlighting Detective Mark Moretti’s behavior in relation to the phone and said that he was “joking” when he was asked about the phone.