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Spice Calls Bambi A ‘Giraffe’ and Love & Hip Hop Fans Want Her Fired

Spice getting backlash from Love and Hip Hop fans after calling co-star Bambi a 'giraffe'

Bambi Spice
Bambi, Spice

Spice is getting more backlash following this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta over a statement she made towards fellow cast member Bambi, calling her a ‘Giraffe.’

Urban Islandz reported last weekend that the Love and Hip Hop franchise fired Erica Mena following widespread backlash over her calling Spice a ‘Blue Monkey‘ during a heating confrontation. While an overwhelming amount of fans of the show believed she deserved to be fired, some folks say Spice was the instigator when she brought up Mena’s son.

The drama between Spice and Erica Mena has spilled over to other cast members, including Bambi and Sierra Gates, who are both close friends of Mena. On this week’s episode, the entire cast, except for Erica, flew to the Bahamas courtesy of Kirk Frost, and while he insisted on a drama-free trip, it didn’t take long for things to get off the rails.

While the cast was having dinner, Bambi revealed that she hadn’t spoken to Erica Mena, which Spice accused her of being fake because Bambi and Mena are very close friends. That’s when the dancehall artist called Bambi a Giraffe. “I don’t see you giraffe. I don’t f**king see you, lying a$$ b*tch,” Spice yelled.

The episode was aired days after Erica Mena was fired from Love and Hip Hop and will not appear in the next season. Nevertheless, she will continue for the remainder of this season, which is winding down.

Some fans are calling it a double standard that Erica Mena was severely punished for calling Spice a “monkey,” all while the Jamaican entertainer faced no repercussion for calling Bambi a “giraffe.”

“This how I feel and I’m not taking no sides I’m gone by what I heard ok now what is the difference from Erica calling spice ‘a black monkey’ vs. Spice calling Bambi “a giraffe “so tell me what’s the difference?!! I mean seriously miss me with the bs. Same sh** so nobody’s recognizing that!” one person wrote on Urban Islandz post on Instagram.

Another fan questioned if Spice will be punished for calling Bambi another animal name. “So are we also gonna fire Spice from Love and Hip Hop for coming for Bambi and calling her a Giraffe? I mean y’all called for Erica to be fired let’s be real now,” the female follower wrote.

Spice has since responded to the backlash for mentioning Erica Mena’s son that triggered the confrontation. She denied saying anything bad about the teenager but says she takes full accountability for bringing up her child.